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This is an interactive map of the library to help students locate where important resources and services are in the building.


Library StaffAllison FieglAyiana Crabtree Rebecca Hewitt Susan Webster

Student Accessibility ServicesJill Ennis Katelyn DiCastro

Writing and Communications CenterDon Moore

Academic Success (Advising, Testing, & Tutoring)Andrea Hemmerich Denese SavoyDoug Eich

ACE ProgramDawn Burns Mya Kyaw

EOP and Multicultural AffairsMelissa PrestDonelius King

IT HelpdeskBeth Tolman

Administrative SupportJennifer Das

Peter J. Cayan Library

Resources and Services Map

Library Floor 1

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Ayiana Crabtree (L146) Student Success Librarian

Rebecca Hewitt (L144) Director of Library & Information Services

Men's Restroom

Women's Restroom

All-Gender Restroom

Melissa Prest (L145) Director, EOP and Multicultural Affairs

Donelius King (L147) Senior counselor, EOP and DEI Specialist

Douglas Eich (L143) Coordinator, Student Support and Accommodation Testing

Andrea Hemmerich (L142) Director, Student Academic Success

Denese Savoy (L141) Assistant Director, Student Academic Success

Allison Fiegl (L107) Library Resources and Services Manager

Beth Tolman (L108) User Services Manager

Jennifer Das (L112) Administrative Support

Katelyn DiCastro (L113) Director, Student Accessibility Services

Don Moore (L134) Writing and Communications Center (WCC) Program Coordinator

Reservable Study Room L123

Reservable Study Room L124

Reservable Study Room L125

Reservable Study Room L126

Student-Use Computers

Student-Use Computers

Stairs to Second Level


Writing and Communications Center (WCC) Desk/Check-In

Public-Use Computers

Mario Cafe and Multicultural Center

IT Help Desk

Library Services Desk

Main Entrance

Mya Kyaw (L102b) ACE Advisor

The Learning Center Tutoring Zone

Jill Ennis (L114) Coordinator, Student Accessibility Services

Dawn Burns (L115) Program Director, ACE

Susan Webster (L102) Library Evening Operations Assistant

Emergency Exit Only Stairs

Emergency Exit Only Stairs

Internal Emergency Only Stairs

Water Bottle Refill Station

Reception for Advising, Testing, and Tutoring

Writing and Communications Center (WCC)

Don Moore - L134Writing and Communications Center Coordinator

Don Mooremooredr@sunypoly.edu(315)792-7268

Administrative Support

Jennifer Das - L112Administrative Support

Jennifer Dasdasj@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7170

Library Staff

Allison Fiegl - L107Library Resources and Services Manager

Susan Webster - L102Library Evening Operations Assistant

Ayiana Crabtree - L146Student Success Librarian

Rebecca Hewitt - L144Director of Library and Information Services

Allison Fieglfiegla@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7248Ayiana Crabtreecrabtra@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7255Rebecca Hewitthewittr@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7319Susan Websterwebstes1@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7245

General Department Infoemail: library@sunypoly.edu

Student Accessibility Services

Katelyn DiCastro - L113Director, Student Accessibility Services

Jill Ennis - L114Coordinator, Student Accessibility Services

Katelyn DiCastrodicastk@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7310Jill Ennisennisj@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7304

General Department Infoemail: SAS@sunypoly.edu

Academic Success

Andrea Hemmerich - L142Director, Student Academic Success

Andrea Hemmerichhemmera@sunypoly.edu(315)792-7312

General Department Infoemail: advising@sunypoly.eduemail: learningcenter@sunypoly.eduemail: studenttesting@sunypoly.edu

Denese Savoysavoyd@sunypoly.edu(315)792-6253

Douglas Eicheichd@sunypoly.edu(315)792-7316

(Advising, Testing, & Tutoring)

Douglas Eich - L143Coordinator, Student Support and Accommodation Testing

Denese Savoy - L141AssistantDirector, Student Academic Success

It Helpdesk

Beth Tolman - L108User Services Manager

Beth Tolmantolmane@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7148

General Department Infoemail: helpdesk@sunypoly.edu

EOP and Multicultural Affairs

Donelius King - L147Senior Counselor, EOP and DEI Specialist

Melissa Prest - L145Director, EOP and Multicultural Affairs

Melissa Prestprestm@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7199Donelius Kingkingde@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7533

ACE Program

Mya Kyaw - L102bACE Advisor

Dawn Burns - L115Program Director, ACE

Dawn Burnsburnsdm1@sunypoly.edu(315) 792-7254Mya Kyawkyawm@sunypoly.edu(315) 351-3844

General Department Infoemail: ace@sunypoly.edu