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- Caliphs and Kings: Spain, 796-1031 by Roger Collins- Islamic And Christian Spain in the Early Middle Ages by Thomas Glick- The Sephardi heritage: essays on the historical and cultural contribution of the Jews of Spain and Portugal by Barnett Richard - Ibn Garcia's Shu'ubiyya Letter: Ethnic and Theological Tensions in Medieval Al-Andalus by Goran Larsson-Medieval Iberia: An Encyclopedia by Michael Gerli

Ruler: Sabur al-Saqlabi (Slavic)

Ruler: King Bermudo III (Hispanian)

Ruler: Isma'il al-Zahir ibn Dhinnun (Berber)

Ruler: King Sancho III (Hispanian)

Ruler: Ibn Harun (Hispanian)

Ruler: Abu al-'Abbas al-Yahsubi (Arab)

Ruler: Abu al-Qasim al-Abbadi (Arab)

Ruler: Abdulaziz al-Bakri (Arab)

Ruler: 'Imad al-Dawla Muhammad al-Zenati (Berber)

Ruler: Muhammad ibn al-Qasim (Berber)

Ruler: Abu Tuziri al-Dammari (Berber)

Ruler: Yahya al-Mu'tali (Berber)

Ruler: Muhammad al-Berzali al-Zenati (Berber)

Ruler: Habbus al-Ziri (Berber)

Ruler: Zuhayr al-Saqlabi (Slavic)

Ruler: Khayran al-Saqlabi (Slavic)

Ruler: Mujahid al-Saqlabi (Slavic)

Ruler: Abdulaziz al-Amiri (Slavic)

Ruler: Hudayl ibn Razzin (Berber)

Ruler: Muhammad ibn Qasim (Berber)

Ruler: Yahya ibn Tujib (Arab)

Ruler: King Robert II

Ruler: Caliph al-Zahir