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This tour is designed for people learning English as an additional language. Each point on the walking tour explores one part of Southampton's amazing history!


In 1937 there was a war in Spain. Many children escaped the war and came to Southampton on a ship. In England the children were safe. How do you think the children felt coming to Southampton?

This church is very old. It is a ruin. There was a war about 80 years ago. It was called the Second World War. Bombs fell on Southampton. This church was damaged and turned into a ruin. It has been kept a ruin so that people will remember that war is terrible.

This shows lots of things that have happened in Southampton. There are ships. There are planes. There is a football trophy. What else can you see in the picture?

In the Second World War many soldiers went from Southampton. Some soldiers were from America. They have written their names on this wall. Can you find any names?

This is the Mayflower Monument. A monument helps people to remember things that have happened. The Mayflower was a ship from 400 years ago. The ship went from Southampton to America. The people on the ship were ordinary people. It took 66 days to get to America.

The Second World War ended in 1945. Many people were still a long way from home. They had been prisoners. Ships brought them back to Southampton where it was safe. You can read the names of the ships that they came home on.

A long time ago many people came to Southampton from a country called France. It was dangerous for them there, but they were safe in Southampton. They lived here and met in this church. How do you think they felt when they came to Southampton?

This gate is called The Bargate. It is made from stone and is very large. People were protected by the gate and walls. People from all over the world have travelled through this gate.