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How many planets make up the solar system? Learn some facts about each of them and try to move them and place them in the correct position Will you be able to?





The Solar System is the name of our planetary system in which Earth and other astronomical objects are located and revolve around a single star kown as the SUN.


JUPITER Jupiter is a massive gaseous body, formed mainly of hydrogen and helium. It's the largest celestial body in the Solar System.

SUN The Sun is the central star of our planetary system. Around it revolves 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets, and millions of asteriods,

Put the planets in the correct order of their orbit around the sun (Don't forget Earth's natural satellite!)

SATURN It's the only planet with a ring system visible from our planet, and the second in size and mass after Jupiter.

MERCURY Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and the smallest planet. It lacks satellites just like Venus.

VENUS Venus is similar to the Earth in terms of size, mass, and composition. It has the hottest atmosphere in the Solar System.

URANUS It has the coldest planetary atmosphere of the Solar System with a minimum temperature of -224°C and it has 27 known satellites.

MOON The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite.

EARTH It's the densest and fifth largest of the eight planets in the solar system, and the only one where the existence of life has been confirmed.

MARS Known as "the red planet," it's the second smallest planet in the Solar System.

NEPTUNE Neptune is smaller than Uranus but denser and has 14 known satellites.