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Young Climate Activist

Movements she belongs to

In 2019, he became a member of the Board of Directors of the International Network Youth Movement for Climate (YouNGO), which unites youth entities that seek to inspire, empower and mobilize a generational change with the objective of having youth take part in positive actions for the prevention of climate change.

What did she found?

She is the founder of the NGO Plant for the Planet. She is internationally recognized as an advocate for other young people for climate action in her country, including the organization of the National Youth Conference on Climate Change

Who is she?

Young leader committed to the environment and who has founded the NGO Clean Earth Gambia, an environmental organization that carries out actions for the care and recovery of the environment.

Recent awards

She was the winner of the June 2019 Gambian Youth Award in Youth Dialogue month for her advocacy against climate change and for being one of the 30 most influential young Gambians.

What did she study?

She has just finished her studies at the University and is still the first woman president of the student union at the University of Sussex.

What does she fight for?

She is a young woman who advocates for the climate and is focused on environmental education, conservation and tree planting.

Gambia (1996-)

FATOU JENG, youth climate activist Young leader committed to the environment and who has founded the NGOD Clean Earth Gambia, an environmental organization that carries out actions for the care and recovery of the environment. In this video you have a summary of one of her interventions in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which summarizes the work she is doing: She was the young person honoured at QTV's Gambian Youth Month of Youth Dialogue in June 2019 for her advocacy on climate change and awarded as one of 25 emerging young people in Africa during the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit of the same year. During 2019, she was part of the international network of organizations UNFCC YOUNGO (Youth Climate Movement) and the International Youth Climate Movement (IYCM), which brings together international youth organizations that collectively seek to inspire, empower and mobilize a generational youth movement to mobilize and lead positive action on climate change. Fatou has just completed her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Digital Media at the University of The Gambia with honors. During her studies she was the 17th President of the University of The Gambia Student Union and is currently the Operations Leader for Gender and Climate Change Policy in the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Youth District. She also serves as the Secretary General of Global Plant for the Planet. Fatou has already trained over 500 school children on climate change and continues to provide environmental education to communities, youth and youth organizations in her country, raising action on the most urgent environmental challenges. Among other activities, she organizes clean-up groups in her community and participates in tree-planting teams on the beaches, in schools and in rural communities in Gambia. The organization she founded, Future Proof Banjul, works to plant 5000 coconut trees on Banjul beach to mitigate the threat of rising sea levels. She is passionate about environmental awareness and climate change work and has so far supported several youth policy papers and positions on climate change in Gambia. One of them is the "Gender Action Plan for Climate Empowerment and Youth in Agriculture Initiatives" of the Ministry of Agriculture of her country, which aims at mitigating climate change from the awareness of the population. Here are some websites that include more information about it: https://www.chronicle.gm/author/fatou-jeng/ https://sdgactionzone.org/class/leave-no-one-behind-harnessing-this-moment-as-a-turning-point-stories-from-the-frontline/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatou_Jeng She is a very active young woman who wants to involve other young people, so if you want to follow her on social networks, this is her Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/fatou.jeng.967/about_overview ew