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Higher quality food

The futureof agriculturein Spain




Impact of COVID-19

A strategic sector




Background information about agriculture

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Agriculture was the most important sector for the economy in the twentieth century.The sector was characterized by poor modernization and mechanization, unequal land distribution, and poor yields.However, small signs of development in the agricultural sector were beginning to be felt, resulting from a significant growth in agricultural production.

Growth over the years

As a result of this reduction, the weight of the sector's GDP relative to total GDP has gone from 60 per 100 in the early years of the 20th century to 4.2 per 100 in 1995 and 2.65 by 2019.The modernization experienced over the years and the incorporation into the European Economic Community have influenced the transformation of the Spanish agricultural sector.

Traditionally, Spain has been an eminently agricultural country, although gradually, Spain has witnessed a progressive loss of importance of this primary sector.

The sector currently


A strategicsector

In 2017, the Spanish agricultural sector employed, just directly, more than 749 thousand people, generating a plant production of more than 25,300 million euros

In society

Spain is the country with the highest proportion of agricultural GDP in the European Union (2.7% in 2017), as well as the country with the highest agricultural diversity. In addition, it’s the country's second most lucrative industry, very close to tourism, with a contribution of 10.6% to GDP and 14.2% to employment.

In the economy

Given an international perspective, Spanish agricultural production is relevant at a global level.The Spanish export of fresh fruits and vegetables until October 2020, the last month for which official data are available from the Customs and Special Taxes Department of the Tax Agency, stood at 10.3 million tons, 4% less than in the same period in 2019, reaching €11,861 million, up 9%, due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

In the territory


Trends inthe sector

Sustainable agricultureis synonymouswith food security

Trends and their influence on consumers also directly affects production.


This change will influence the evolution and functioning of the activity.


Climate change will affect how certain resources are produced and the quantities available.


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The technological revolution is changing the world including, of course, the primary sector.In the short term, technological advances will increase productivity, reduce costs and improve farmers' profitability. In the long term, progress will be the only way to meet future food demand and reduce environmental impact.

In the agricultural sector

The technologicalrevolution

Sensors and cameras that allow you to track production in real time

Machinery inagricultural work

The future of agriculture will happen through a digitalization of the production process.


The impact ofCOVID-19

European aid to the agricultural sector

Borders closing

Transport control



Competitive capabilities, resources, and advantages over the sector which is an opportunity to exploit these strengths

Everything that is a competitive advantage for a company over the sector, to improve figures, improve profitability, etc.



The full force of the environment that can prevent the implementation and execution of the strategies. It can reduce its effectiveness, increase risks, etc.

Aspects that limit the development capacity of the business strategy, which poses a threat that must be controlled and overcome



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