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Partnership proposal

intro INNOVATIVE + Chelsea Vassio


Partnership mission

My personal mission

Develop intro INNOVATIVE business within the UK.

Deliver a service that truly engage intro INNOVATIVE stakeholders and ensure a sustainable business growth.

Main activities

Business start-up

Plan, organize and manage business development in UK.

Monthly reports

Office support

Maintain accurate clients’ records and business development reports.

Assist in the headquarters day-to-day operations.

NOTE: Specific activities to be explained in contract

Brand and PR

Client developement

Client management

Develop brand marketing and build PR with key stakeholders.

Manage clients’ requirements and build positive relationships with them.

Identify and make contact with potential new clients.

Project Phases

A) Business development with current clients in London. B) Identify and develop relationships with key business partners.

Analyse and understand both Company and British market in order to identify business opportunities and areas for product and service development.

Identify and target new clients and new partnerships opportunities, carry on action plan to approach and secure new business.

2 weeks

4-8 weeks

From 10th week

Strategic Diagnosis

Plan execution & Networks approachment

New clients development

Contract starts January 1 st, 2017

NOTE: Phases and objectives might change upon request

Economic proposal


4 months consultant contract to develop business


Co-working space

Consultancy fee and taxes

Company presentation re-design

15.100 €

Business trips within UK or one abroad (India or USA)

12.600 €

NOTE: All fees include taxes, hence, an invoice will be provided. Contract conditions and fees might be negotiate

Contact info

MSc Chelsea Vassio Molina + 33 676508170 chelseavassio@outlook.com Skype: chelseav5