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The thermometer is an instrument for measuring temperature. Since its invention, it has evolved a lot. Don't miss this infographic with the most outstanding information!


1984Benzinger creates the ear thermometer

1867T. Allbutt invents the first short clinical thermometer

1821 T.J. Seebeck invents the Thermocouple

1714Fahrenheit invents the mercury thermometer

1612Santorre Santorio assigned a numerical scale to the first clinical thermometer

1592Galileo Galilei constructs the thermoscope


The evolution of theTHERMOMETER



20º C

40º C


The first practical medical thermometer used to take a person's temperature appeared thanks to the English doctor, Sir Thomas Allbutt.This thermometer was 6 inches long and took 5 minutes to take a patient's temperature.

The first modern thermometer was not available until 1714 when the physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit created it. Fahrenheit was also responsible for creating the mercury thermometer and introducing the standard temperature scale that bears his name today. This scale divides the freezing and boiling points of water by 180 degrees. Initially, the temperature of the human body was 100F, but it has since been changed to 98.6F.

Prior to the use of mercury, alcohol was used, and it was Galileo Galilei who created a thermometer made of a glass tube that ended in a closed sphere. The open end was immersed upside down in a mixture of alcohol with water and when heating the liquid, it went up through the tube to reach the sphere depending on the temperature.