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when abroad

you shouldn't do


UKRAINE: Don't give anyone an even number of flowers. Even numbers of flowers are only used for burials.

New Zealand: Don't use the car horn. It's an insult!

JAPAN: Don't leave tips. It's just not done. In Japan (as in several other countries), it's normal to provide the best service and food without expecting a tip in exchange.

MEXICO: Don't be bothered by local jokes. Jokes are abundant.. try not to take them too seriously!

NORWAY: Don't ask where you can go to church. Few people go to church and the question could be uncomfortable.

TURKEY: Don't make the hand signal for OK or cover your nose. Both are offensive.

UNITED KINGDOM: Don't ask people how much money they earn. The question is... unacceptable, to say the least.

IRELAND: Don't try and immitate the Irish accent. Only some of the Irish have a strong accent and it's really prevalent only in certain regions.

GERMANY: Don't wish anyone ahappy birthday before the date. Maybe a belated birthday wish is fine, but never an early one. It's irreverent!

KENYA: Don't call someone by their first name if you don't know them unless they call you by your first name first.

CHILE: Don't eat with your hands. In general, Chileans don't eat with their hands, not even when eating french fries!

SINGAPORE: Don't eat, drink, or smoke while on public transportation. In the street, giving food to the birds, spitting, and littering are strictly forbidden.

UNITED STATES: Don't forget to leave a tip at restaurants! It's obligatory and is generally between 15 and 20% of the total bill.

ITALY: Don't order capuchinos at restaurants. You can order one until 11am but not after as it's only a breakfast beverage.

HUNGRY: Don't toast. Though it's an old habit, it's best to avoid toasting, especially with beer.

CHINA: Don't give someone an umbrella or watch as a gift. It's bad luck!

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FRANCE: Don't talk or ask questions about money. According to the French, it's bad manners.

INDIA: Don't touch anyone of the opposite sex in public. Avoid handshakes in the street. Kisses in public are prohibited by law.