Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


Is that a golfer or the profile of a Spartan wearing a helmet?

The ‘R’ forms a man riding a bicycle, the orange circle is the front wheel.

The hand and leg enclosure forms the map of Australia

Two ‘F’s and a plane in the middle

The coffee froth forms the shape of the moon (with an eye)

The ‘C’s form the eyes of a cat

A fish made of code symbols

Is it a hat or a cup?

A reel or a scared face?

A cup made with code bars


The brush is a shark's fine

m is part of a bird flying free

Is it a ‘g’ or a smiling face?

An eight made up of 8s

Ever noticed the arrow in the negative space between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’?

From ‘a’ to ‘z’, Amazon has it all…and a smile.

Scissors and a mustache

Ever noticed the bear between the mountain?

One of the first commercially designed ambigram/reversible logos (1969)

The number ‘1’ can be seen between the white ‘F’ and the red waves

The peacock in the NBC logo stands for color and pride.