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Lucas Parrondo Fernández2º Bachiller Humanidades


Unit 6 Living Green

Unit 5 Crime Life

Unit 4 World of Work

Unit 3 Entertainment

Unit 2 A Healthy Future

Unit 1 Going to Places


  • We rented the rooms for our honeymoon through hotel's website.
  • The pilgrim continues on his way with faith until he reaches his destination.
  • The hotel on the Portugal excursion was not not very homey.
  • The tour organizer planned unforgettable adventures for us to have a great vacation.

Pilgrim: peregrino. Itinerary: itinerario.Website: sitio web. Tour organizer: organizador de viajes.Glamping: acampada libre. Ecotourism: ecoturismo.Homey: acogedor. Trek: travesia. Isolated: aislado. Site: paraje.

Unit 1 Going to Places

  • A healthy diet is key to maintain a good health.
  • Preventive medicine helps you improve health problems before they become serious illnesses.
  • My cousin who is a nurse works in that hospital in Oviedo.
  • Meditation is the key to calming your mind.

Innovative medical technology: tecnología médica inovadora.Preventive medicine: medicina preventiva.Nurse: enfermera.Doctor on call: médico de guardia.Meditation: meditación.Healthy diet: dieta saludable.Surgery: cirugía.Syringe: jeringuilla.Microscope: microscopio.Alternative therapies: terapias alternativas.

Unit 2 A Healthy Future

  • The movie you are going to see on Saturday is corny.
  • The grip for the performance comes from Brazil.
  • The shooting will be tomorrow at five o'clock in the square.
  • The magic show will be tomorrow at six o'clock at the town hall.

Boom operator: microfonista. Corny: pasada de moda. Shooting: rodaje. Shows: espéctaculos.Grip: vestuario. Screenwriter: guionista.Magic: magia. Insightful: profunda o perspicaz.Poignant: conmovedora. Photo frame: fotograma.

Unit 3 That' Entertainment!

  • The minimum salary in Spain is one thousand and fifty euros per month.
  • Teleworking is allowing many employees to work from home.
  • The municipality of Tineo is going to subcontract more cleaning staff.
  • The occupational safety is very important to reduce the number of accidents and injuries in companies.

Minimum wage: salario mínimo.Occupational safety: seguridad laboral..Undertake: emprender.To shortlist: preseleccionar. Hiring campaign: campaña de contratación.Recruitment agency: agencia de contratación.Automation: automatización.Subcontract: subcontratar..To appoint somebody to a position: nombrar a alguien para un cargo. Labor flexibility: flexibilidad laboral.

Unit 4 World of Work

  • Luis will go to jail for drug trafficking.
  • The mayor was charged with embezzlement of public fuds.
  • In Spain, many people are envolved in tobacco smuggling.
  • The kidnapping of the child was yesterday afternoon.

Smuggling: contrabando. Piracy: piratería.Kidnapping: secuestro. Embezzlement: malversación.Counterfeiting: falsificación. Coercion: coacción.Drug trafficking: tráfico de drogas. Fraud: fraude.Extortion: extorsión. Bribery: soborno.

Unit 5 Law and Order

  • The Government promotes the use of public transportation.
  • Last month's flood washed away as many cars as it could.
  • The drought of the last few months has had a major impact on farmers.
  • Recycling is a fundamental action to reduce the amount of waste.

Solar energy: energía solar. .Recycling: reciclaje.Revamp: modernizar.. Flood: riada.Responsible consumption: consumo responsable. Drought: sequía. Public transportation: transporte público. Noise Pollution: contaminación acústica. Movilidad Sostenible : sustainable mobility. Ozone layer: capa de ozono.

Unit 6 Living Green

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