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  1. Codesignal's Origins
  2. Codesignal's Values
  3. Codesignal's Products
  4. Codesignal's Recent Developments
  5. Conclusion
Table of contents
  • CodeSignal was founded in 2014 by Tigran Sloyan, Aram Shatakhtsyan, and Sophia Baik.
  • The main idea was to create a platform that allows recruiters to evaluate the programming skills of candidates in an objective and efficient way.
  • The founders, who were developers themselves, saw a crucial need for fair and accurate skills assessments in the hiring process.

The Origins of Codesignal

3.Transparency: Transparency is essential for CodeSignal, whether in candidate evaluations or in interactions with clients

2.Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of everything CodeSignal does. The company constantly invests in research and development to improve its tools and services

1. Merit and Fairness: CodeSignal believes in a hiring process based on skills rather than background or degrees. This helps reduce bias and gives all candidates a fair chance.

The values of Codesignal

CodeSignal Certify: A certification service that allows developers to officially prove their technical skills
CodeSignal Test: A pre-assessment tool that lets companies test candidates' skills before inviting them for an interview.
CodeSignal Interview: An online technical interview platform that allows recruiters to assess candidates' skills through live coding tests.

The product of CodeSignal

Partnership with Universities:

International Expansion:

Recently, CodeSignal partnered with several top universities to integrate its assessment tools into academic programs, helping students prepare for job market demands.

In 2023, CodeSignal announced the opening of new offices in Europe, aiming to expand its presence in the international market and better serve its global clients.

The latest news from CodeSignal

The company culture at CodeSignal values personal and professional growth, encourages continuous innovation, and maintains a high level of transparency and merit.These combined factors make CodeSignal an exceptional workplace, worthy of this prestigious ranking.
CodeSignal was recognized as one of the "Best Small Workplaces™ 2023" because of its commitment to its core values, inclusive and innovative work environment, and mission to make the hiring process fairer.