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la rivoluzione industriale

di dario agostini

everything started with a change, the agrarian britain beacame the known industrialized britain. this happened due to an agricultural revolution in which farmers developed new systems to make the land fertile and this led to a better production of goods and food. also, new ways of breading animals were discovered(increase in the meat production) and cereal production increased greatly

Here you can include a relevant fact to highlight

Here you can include a relevant fact to highlight

the atrocius previous scenario of the black death

the changes that the industrial revolution brought happend after a long period of time in which deadly diseases spread all over the country and caused the death of many many people, these phenomenon was called " the black death" but is now known as "the plauge". after this period of time , the living standards beacame far more comfortable and the population increased and the agriculture intensified permitting the revolution to happen.

a higher demand

the increased food production stimolated a population growth. this led to increased need of goods and a higher demand that also translated to the food or items for pleasure other than just the utensils that everyone needs day to day, even the clothing industry flourished with the introduction of machine made goods. it was the beginning of mass consumption

the marvelous inventions of the 18th century (technological innovation)

the inventions related to the industrial jobs all aimed at a improvement in productivity , such as the "steam engine", the "loom" and the "spinning jenny" ecc.... all of these machines worked thansk to coal, this forced england to concentrate all the industrial activities near coal fileds so that the works could extrapolate the coal directly form the ground through a built coal mine

the inventions

loom, steam engine and spinning jenny

Visual beings

the loom: linked cloth manufacturing to water to steam power

Narrative beings

spinning jenny: the biggest increaser for the spinning efficency, used in many kinds of jobs

Social beings

steam engine: this is one of the most famous inventions since it made pumping water out of coal mines possible

the life of an 18th century worker the factory workers were underpaid and couldnt even make enough money to afford food or rent, they worked an immense ammount of hours for cheap and their lifes were nothing but monotony and exhaustion

the life condition of the factory worker

the workers were placed in houses near the factories, the so called "mashroom houses". these houses lacked of basic services such as clean water and proper sanitation, the air and the water were polluted. also, these small houes were built in hughe rows which meant that most of them were overcrowded with too many workers and each of their respective families

many families needed an addictional income and were forced to employ their children. kids were paid less than an adult even though they often performed the same tasks. this made the owner save money over personal hiring. children were also more convenient as emploiers since they were easier to control(being more obedient) and they were hired mostly because of their size: their tiny hands could reach easier the parts of the machines to fix rather than the hands of an adult. the tasks that they were up to were very dangerous and often led to a short life.

child labor

physical abuse was common in factories where supervisors called "overseers" were employed to control workers or punsh them every chance they could get.

the abuse in the factories