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work of Alessia Velluto, 3^G

Federica Pellegrini

Federica Pellegrini ( nickname divine) was born in Milan on August 5, 1988 , is a former Italian swimmer specialist in freestyle .Federica is considered the greatest swimmer in Italian history.Her mother gave her a great passion for swimming , at the age of 6 she began to win the first races , while at 14 she participaded in the Italian championships where she won a bronze medal .

At the 2007 World Championships in Melbourne, she broke her career records ,at the World Championships she is also the most successful athlete in the same race. Swimming Pool magazine named her Swimmer of the Year in 2009 , and European swimmer in 2010,2011.

Federica took part in many Olympic events, the first in 2004 when she won the silver medal at the Athens Games at the age of 16 , in 2008 she participadet in the Beijing Games where she won the gold medal giving Italy the first female success in history .

She is also known for her participation in Italia’s Got Talent and Beijing Express.

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