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Bierjon Naomi

Travel through the chapters of my life

Chapter 2. the past

Chapter 1. my family

Chapter 4. the future

Chapter 3. the present


Chapter 1 : My family

My sister : Lou-anna, 18 ans

My parents :

- I wanted to do all the jobs in the world- My school life went well- I was unfortunately bullied in middle school

At school

Chapter 2 : the past



My activities and my hobbies :


But no master in 2021I had to find solutions :

- degree in gerontology at Sorbonne University- some internships- Civic service in EHPAD for 7 months

My Studies in Clermont Ferrand :

Faculty of Psychology, L1-L2-L3

My apartment in Rueil-Malmaison

Interships in CIO

I have a Master !

My life in PARIS

Chapter 3 : the present

My hobbies :

My home with my family in Montluçon

TO DO LIST : - I'm moving out of my apartment on March 30- I will be pick up my new car in early April

Chapter 4 : the future

My professional projects : - get my degree - start working - open my own practice My personal projects : - buy a house in the next few years- return to sport

the next book is waiting to be written...