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Places in town

Stephanie Anahi López del Valle4to. CCLL "F"

- In this place, people enjoy watching movies and sharing moments with friends and family.

At the movies...

- Places dedicated to showing movies on large screens, usually with food and drink options. - Prayer: In this place, people enjoy watching movies and sharing moments with friends and family.

Here, people shop, enjoy meals, and watch movies or play in recreation areas.

At the shopping mall

- Large shopping complexes housing a variety of retail stores, restaurants and entertainment. - Prayer: Here, people go shopping, enjoy meals and can watch movies or play in recreation areas.

In coffee shops, people gather to enjoy coffee and conversation, or work in a relaxed atmosphere.

In a coffee shop...

Establishments serving a variety of hot and cold beverages, along with light food options, with a welcoming atmosphere for socializing or working.

On the beach, people relax in the sun, swim in the sea and build sand castles.

...on the beach...

Coastal areas where you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea, with activities such as swimming, sunbathing and playing on the beach

In the park, people play sports, have picnics or simply enjoy a walk outdoors.

In the park...

Public green areas intended for recreation, recreation and contact with nature.

At the hotel, guests check in, rest in their rooms, and enjoy amenities such as restaurants and swimming pools.

...at the hotel...

Temporary accommodation establishments that offer rooms, services and amenities for travelers and tourists.

In the supermarket, people shop for groceries and other products, selecting from a variety of options.

...in the supermarket...

Self-service stores that offer a wide variety of food and daily consumption products.

In the bank, people carry out financial operations, such as depositing money, paying bills or applying for loans.

...at the bank...

Financial institutions where customers can carry out banking transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals and inquiries.