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Africa Travel Project

Part 1: Travel Budget Day 2+3


  • Understand the requirements of part 1 of the project
  • Begin developing your plan and budget for your trip

Where is my project?

When you go into the Social Studies homepage in Canvas, scroll down until you see Module 9. Click on it and open up the Module 9 Africa Travel Project- Travel Budget*.

Part 1: Budget Directions

Scenario: You have won the Reach Travel Scholarship for your excellence in 7th grade. Reach is sending you to Africa for a 5-day trip to a location of your choice this summer! You are provided with free airfare and a budget of $1,000 to explore and learn about African history and culture Your travel budget should include at least the following categories: ○ Hotel (for a 5-night stay) ○ Activities and Fun (at least 2 different activities- one activity must be a museum. Other suggestions can be tours, food exploration, sporting/ music events, activities in nature, and more.) You have $1000 to spend. You can't go over budget. You must also spend at least $300.

Research Time

Directions: Research your country using some of these travel websites. Click on the logo to explore the website. Guiding Questions: 1. What town/city will you travel to in your Africa country? ( Hint: It is easier to plan your trip if you choose a well known city.) 2. What kind of hotel do you want? How much do you want to spend? 3. What kind of activities do you want to do? What places do you want to visit? How much will this cost?

Travel Budget

Directions: Complete the worksheet in Canvas by answering the questions in order. You will be able to edit the document without downloading it.

To edit, click the EDIT DOCUMENT button. Then click EDIT to edit in Canvas. Once you have finished editing, please wait 5 minutes before submitting to allow time for Microsoft Word to sync any changes.

Travel Budget- Step 1 + 2

Directions: Complete steps 1 + 2 in budget worksheet by writing complete sentences in the boxes.

Travel Budget- Step 3: Hotel

Directions: Complete step 3 by filling in the tables. You have a total of $1,000 to spend. Remember that you cannot go over budget and must spend at least $300. You might need to convert the American dollars to the currency of your country.

1. Research a hotel in your destination. Decide what features you would need for your trip. ( Pool, breakfast etc) 2. Fill out the hotel name and its website address. 3. Under the cost per day, fill out much money the room is per night. 4. Calculate the total cost for your 5 night stay.

Travel Budget- Step 3- Activities

Directions: Complete the Activities Portion of the budget. You must plan for at least 2 different activities. One activity must be a museum.

Travel Budget- Step 3- Research

Directions: Complete the research box by answering the following questions about your country. You can use

Kids World Travel Guide,

CIA World Factbook,

National Geographic Kids,

and search engine like Google

to find your country's facts.


Travel Budget- Step 4- Final Budget

Directions: Complete the final budget table by adding up the total cost of your hotel and activities. Then calculate how much of the total budget is left over.


Travel Budget- Step 5- Submit

Directions: Review over the whole worksheet. Did you answer each part? When you are done, click SUBMIT!