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On this shelf you will find: Makey Makey = Circuits 3rd-5th grade (3 kits - 12 in each kit) Do not need to be charged. Beebots = PreK-2nd (3 bots) Need to be placed on the charging station. (Part of the PreK Inventory) Sphero Indi= 8 sets. They need to be charged in the yellow box. The rest of the kits are in the black bag. We also have hand sanitizer so students can use before using the materials. We have kleenex, pencils, sharpener and clipboards. The Lego Spike Prime & Essential Charging Hubs stay plugged.

What's in the Cubbies: Here you will find maker space consumable materials as well as engineering hands on manipulatives that the students can use to build things like building blocks, linking shapes, magnetic shapes and more.

Lego Coding Express Lego Coding Express is for Prek-1st Grade. We have 5 kits in the lab. They use batteries so make sure students turn off the main train.

Green Cabinet Left: Lego Spike Prime 3rd-5th (8 sets) Right: Lego Spike Essential 2nd-3rd (8 sets) These use a hub that needs to be charged by the purple cabinet by the door. Inside you will also find the clear bin for lost and found pieces. ***If they are locked, Ms. Davis, Ms. Compean or myself will give you access.

Squishy Circuits For 2nd-3rd Grade. There are 6 kits. 1 kit is enough for one class with groups of 3. They use batteries.

Beebot Mats These go with the Beebots that are charged on the purple shelf by the door. There are 2 clear ones that can be modified to any content. 2 that have a map, great for story telling and writing. 2 long ones that have community places. The beebots move a square at a time of these mats. **These are part of the PreK inventory.

Under the 3D Printers: We have more hands-on building materials. Play-doh, building blocks etc.

Red Cabinet Inside you will find more STEM manipulatives for building things. Building blocks, magnetic shapes and more fun things. Ask us for assistance.

Botleys Botleys are for Kinder-2nd but can be used with any grade level. There are 8 kits. They use batteries. Clear bin included for lost and found pieces.

Blue Cabinet Left: Lego BricQ Motion Essential - 8 kits. Does not need any technology. They just build things that involve movement. Clear bin included for lost and found. Right: Creative Lego Brick Set - 8 kits. These are basic building Legos. They include task cards. No technology needed. Clear bin included for lost and found. ***Ask for assistance if they're locked.

3D Printing There are 2 on campus. For 3rd-5th. We use Tinkercad (Works like Seesaw) Make a teacher account, create a class and invite your students through a code. Book us if you would like to explore more.

Teacher Station TV remote and other teacher supplies are found in the caddy. You can connect to the TV wirelessly or through the HDMI cable. You can plug your computer to the cart for charging.

Blue Shelf with Bins You can find Maker Space consumable materials here. You will also find lesson materials in the bins.