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Bald people live longer !

A groundbreaking study is revolutionizing health and well-being.


Bald people

A pie chart illustrates this disparity:

° Percentage of individuals with hair who lived over 85 years (35%)

° Percentage of bald individuals who lived over 85 years (65%)



The bald

Did you know? Being bald could be an unexpected advantage for your health and longevity. That's what an unprecedented scientific study, led by Dr. Benjamin Follicle's team, a distinguished biologist at the University of Sciences in Lyon, reveals. The numbers speak for themselves: The study, involving a sample of 10,000 individuals, demonstrated a striking correlation between hair loss and life expectancy. On average, bald men are said to live 7 years longer than their hairy counterparts. For women, the difference is even more significant, with a gap of 10 years!

The reasons for this longevity are not yet fully understood. However, several avenues are being explored by researchers: • 1 ) Improved blood circulation in the scalp, • 2) Increased production of testosterone, • 3) Reduction in oxidative stress.

"who said you need hair to be happy ? I've been in better shape since I've run out of it, it's amazing"

Plan :

A lot of well-known individuals are aware of this news:

image of university of sciences, Lyon

We can see that the person on the left has better blood circulation.

Improved blood circulation in the scalp, promoting oxygenation of the brain" means that the increased blood flow to the scalp, which occurs in individuals experiencing baldness, can have a positive impact on brain health, vitality and longevityWhen blood circulation is enhanced in the scalp, it ensures that the brain receives an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, which are essential for its proper functioning. This phenomenon suggests that bald individuals may have a physiological advantage in terms of brain health and cognitive function. The improved oxygenation of the brain can potentially contribute to better cognitive performance, memory retention, and overall mental acuity.

1st reason :

% testosterone at 35 year % testosterone at 85 year

2nd reason :

Increased production of testosterone, a hormone associated with vitality and longevity, may contribute to the extended lifespan observed in bald individuals. Testosterone is known to play a crucial role in maintaining muscle mass, bone density, and metabolic health. Additionally, it has been linked to improved cognitive function. These physiological benefits could potentially explain why individuals with higher testosterone levels, often found in those experiencing baldness, tend to live longer and healthier lives.

Famous bald-people :

3st reason

Bald individuals may experience a reduction in oxidative stress, which could be attributed to several factors. Firstly, studies suggest that bald individuals often adopt healthy lifestyles, including balanced diets and regular physical activity, which can decrease oxidative stress levels in the body. Secondly, differences in hormonal profiles, including testosterone levels, may influence the response to oxidative stress in bald men. Additionally, genetic factors could play a role, as certain genetic variations may be associated with reduced oxidative stress. Lastly, bald men might have more efficient stress response systems, enabling them to better control and mitigate the damage caused by free radicals in their bodies. Overall, these combined factors could contribute to the observed decrease in oxidative stress in bald men, which could have positive implications for their overall health and longevity.

And most well-known people are bald, coincidence I don't think...


To conclude, you can't don't believe this: bold people live longer than people with hair because as we said , it improve blood circulation, increase production of testostérone and reduce the oxydative stress which is the cause of many chronic diseases. So, if you see a person say she is sad to lose her hair, speak her of this arcticle 100% true and verified...


  • improve blood circulation
  • increase production of testosterone
  • reduce the oxydative stress