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An awesome discover by Cuomo Alice, Finamore Chiara, Gagliardi Maria and Gennatiempo Jasmine
Today we present:

Optimus prime


Optimus prime

From 0 to 2 years it's totally white, then it becomes fluorescent and when it's old (28-35) he becomes darker and loses the fluorescent.When the time of reproduction comes, the female leaves eg cells in a cave in the water depth; they're are fluorescent so that the male can see them and fertilize them.It's ectothermic (cool-blooded).

Optimus prime belongs to the geneus of Optimus.His species is characterized from his fluo colors, his big spinal pin and a hook on his head. It's a solitaire animal and for this reason it avoids contacts with other animals. In the morning it stays in t he marine depths and in the night it stays on the ground.

Optimus prime