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Basketball players are as tall as volleyball players, but volleyball players tend to be taller on average.

Running a marathon is more exhausting than running a 5K race, but running an ultra-marathon is the most exhausting of all.

Soccer requires more endurance than basketball, but long-distance cycling demands the most endurance of all.

Tennis players move faster than golfers, but sprinters are the fastest athletes on the field.

Swimming is as demanding as cycling, but triathletes are the most demanding athletes overall.

Boxing is more physically demanding than chess, but mixed martial arts is the most physically demanding combat sport.

Gymnasts are more flexible than weightlifters, but contortionists are the most flexible athletes.

Football requires more teamwork than track and field, but rowing demands the highest level of teamwork.

Wrestling is as intense as martial arts, but Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the most intense martial art.

Baseball pitchers throw faster than cricket bowlers, but javelin throwers achieve the highest speeds among all throwing athletes.

Sprinters are quicker than long-distance runners, but cheetahs are the quickest animals on land.

Ice hockey is more aggressive than figure skating, but rugby sevens is the most aggressive team sport.

Surfing requires more balance than snowboarding, but tightrope walking requires the utmost balance.

Rugby players tackle harder than American football players, but Australian Rules football players deliver the hardest tackles.

Figure skaters are more graceful than roller skaters, but ballet dancers epitomize gracefulness.

Skateboarding is as risky as BMX biking, but base jumping is the riskiest extreme sport.

Pole vaulting is more technical than shot put, but gymnastics on the balance beam is the most technical.

Judo is more about technique than brute strength, but Brazilian jiu-jitsu relies most on technique.

Triathletes are more versatile than marathon runners, but decathletes are the most versatile athletes.

Fencing requires more precision than archery, but snipers require the utmost precision.