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Let's start planning our trip to Edinburgh!

Your teacher has sent you a link to Forms. Complete the questionnaire with your preferences about the places you like visiting and the activities you enjoy doing

Your group has been assigned a specific activity or type of place to visit. Look for the most interesting places/activities of that type for our visit. You can explore this website www.edinburgh.org.Make a selection of your 5 favourite ones. Make a presentation using one of these tools: Powerpoint, Slideshare, Prezi, Canva, Genially or any other of your choice.Your group will use it to present your ideas to the rest of the class.

Your teacher has sent you a link to Forms.Answer the questions in the questionnaire to vote for your favourite places/activities to visit in Edinburgh.Don't forget to send it ;)

Now that we know what we want to do, let's plan our trip!Plan the activities to do and places to visit in one day for the area of Edinburgh your group has been assigned. Use Genially to create an interactive map of Edinburgh displaying the sites to visit and activities with the relevant information.Once finished, use Google Maps to create the itinerary you propose for that day.

Great Job!Are you ready to pack up now?