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Check your vocabulary: matching Match the vocabulary with the correct definition and write a–j next to the numbers 1–10. 1…….. You use this part of the body to hear. a. eyes 2…….. You have eight of these, four on each hand. b. ear 3…….. You have two of these. You use them to walk. c. head 4…….. You use these to see. d. throat 5…….. You use this to talk, smile and eat. e. foot 6…….. The part of your body with your hair, eyes, mouth, nose and ears on. f. fingers 7…….. At the bottom of your leg, you have a ___. You wear a shoe on it. g. mouth 8…….. You have one ___ in the middle of your face. You use it to smell. h. nose 9…….. After your mouth, your food goes down your ___. Sometimes this part of the body hurts when you are ill. i. arms 10…… You have two of these. They have your hands at the end. j. legs

Something ache / sore something / bad somethingThese three forms are usually used to talk about general problems. These are the common collocations: + ache headache backache stomachache muscle ache bad + bad back bad head bad leg sore+sore throatsore eyessore feet

Listen two adivice of two more Craig co-workers. What do they suggest?

How to talk about health problems

Making an appointment

When you are feeling unwell, you need to see a doctor. Unfortunately, doctors are busy people so you have to make an appointment