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This is my dream houseBy: Gabriel C.

in this presentation i´m going to present what would my dream house would be...

the basics...

I would like to live in a city but not a big one, I thimk i prefer a city that is big but with a lot of opportunities as it is Frankfurt located in GermanyIn this house i´d like to have at least 2 and a half bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a nice kitchen, a living room with quite a lot of space, a jacuzzi, a spacious backyard with a mini football court, a nice balcony and a studio where i can keep my work stuff

Mi living room would have a nice large double sofa, a middle coffee table in front of it, and a big tv so i could watch anything I want, some puff or chairs near the sofa, a little bookshelf some modern lamps and a carpet that surrounds everything, also a little bed and food for a dog.in my kitchen i want basic things like fortks, knifes, plates, etc. also a lot of shelves with capacity for pots, and stuff, I also want a fridge, a microwave and an oven, just to give it a touch i want the kitchen bar to be marmoled.

Additonal stuff

a big bathroom, a jacuzzi, the football court and a balcony

the main thing i want in my bedroom is a comfy bed maybe queen size, in each side a nigth table to have stuff there, some lamps in each side and a big painting rigth up, also a puff and some chairs, i also want a wardrove and a middle size tv, a big window and bigger courtains.


The other room would be for kids, 2 kids ideally, i want the room to have a lot of space for them, two night tables and some lamps, some toys too maybe, a double wardrove and a desk for them.

Pregunta interactiva

Lastly i want a big a cozy studio for my documents and to be my working space, i want a monitor a a computer on my desk, with a small lamp and a zone for chargers, in the back i want a shelf with little decorations and achievements.

my studio