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JCC Ranch Camp

My First Time at Overnight Camp

What is Ranch Camp?

What can I do at Ranch Camp?

What is Shabbat like at Ranch Camp?

What will my first day at Ranch Camp be like?

What are Evening Programs and Special Days?

What do I do if I need help when I'm here?

What if I have MORE questions?!?

What is the schedule at Ranch Camp like?

I'm going to Ranch Camp, which is a sleep-away camp with lots of space for so many amazing activities! I will sleep in cabins with bunkbeds, with other campers. I will eat in the dining hall with all of the other campers and counselors. I will do different activities every day, like games, sports, arts & crafts, and more! I will meet a lot of new friends, and explore the outdoors, since the camp is so large!.

What is Ranch Camp?


...Take a tour of camp with my group. I won't worry about being alone or getting lost- I will always be with my group and counselor!

More about living at camp

...Swing by the barn for a boot fitting for when we have barn time.

...Snap a picture with everyone in my cabin! Of course we won’t forget a silly one!! 😊


...Unpack my suitcase and make my bunk space comfy and cozy! I'll make my bed, fold my clothes, and put up the pictures and personal items I brought.

...See my cabin and meet the new friends that will be staying there. There are about 10 other campers! Some of them know eachother already, but I'm sure we will all be friends in no time!

...Wish my entourage safe travels back home, and meet my counselors! These are the people who will make sure I have everything I need and have fun!

On my first day at Ranch Camp, I wIll...


Back to My First Day

At Ranch Camp, my Cabin will be my home away from home! I will live there with my cabin mates and counselors. There are bathrooms with showers. We eat delicious food together in the dining hall.

The cabins are cozy, and a fun space to create friendships and memories.

You will have space to unpack your suitcase into cubbies and bunks.

The bunkbeds are so fun. I will choose the top bunk. What will you choose?

The bathrooms have private shower and toilet stalls.

We eat together in the dining hall, which we call "The Chad."

The food is delicious AND nutritious!

There are so many things I will do at Ranch Camp! Now, I am going to take a tour of camp to see everything that I can do here! (Click on the button to the left!)


Wow! I am really excited about all of the things I get to do at Ranch Camp! Archery! Horses! Swimming! Farm! Sports! Games! Arts &Crafts! Ropes Course! And they're telling me that there's even more!

Activities at Ranch Camp


Back to the map

Sports and Games

Mountain Biking


Zip Line and High Ropes Course


Horseback Riding

At Ranch Camp, there are so many fun things to do!

And more!!


This is what the schedule is like on a normal day. I will follow it with my group. It's nice to know what is coming up next during my day!

Free Choice Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Free Choice Activity 2

Evening Program

Activity 1

Special Days


Each night after dinner, we will have an Evening Program. This means we do an activity as a full camp, like roasting marshmallows and singing around a camp fire, playing Capture the Flag, Scavenger Hunts, Talent Shows, and more!

Although most days of camp have a predictable schedule, we will get to change things up on certain days to have some extra fun!


Special Days

We have a day at Ranch Camp that we call Maccabia. This is a full day where we will be in 4 Color Teams and will compete in silly activities like cake decorating, gaga, skits and chants, B-B-S (Baseball-Baseball-Soccer), and the infamous MAC-O-PEEL Relay Race! I will have so much fun on this day because it is a little different from every other day!


Maccabia is a colorful day at Ranch camp!

4th of July at camp is an action packed, carnival style day filled with swimming, face painting, bouncy houses, cotton candy, popcorn, and more! Mayhem Day is the same thing, but not on the 4th of July, so all of the campers not attending camp on that day can still have a fun carnival day!


Special Days


4th of july & Mayem Day

Our international staff get to run stations that showcase their culture and activities from their home country! It is so fun to learn about my counselors and about the world! I will have counselors from Israel, Britain, South Africa, Australia, and other places!


Yom international day



Havdalah means the end of Shabbat. We gather on the Basketball Court

We have a service at Eddie's Corner


We have a dance party on the Basketball Court

We have a service together at the Pavillion


Friday Nights--

Shabbat at Ranch Camp

Shabbat is a special time at Ranch Camp!We will celebrate by doing special services and activities together.One thing I look forward to is "Shabboptions" on Saturday. We can pick how we would like to celebrate Shabbat! We can be mindful and do yoga, we can practice Tikun Olam and go on a hike, and more!

A camp counselor is the person at camp who is there for you if you need anything! I will get to know them very well, because they will be living in my cabin with me, and leading all my activities. They are very helpful because they are kind, funny, caring, and fun! They will help me make friends. They will talk to me about my happy, sad, or nervous feelings. They will help me if I feel sick, miss home, or get a scrape on my knee. They can even help me if I forgot to bring something to camp!

Camp Counselors are here to help!


What if I...

... Get hurt? If I get hurt, I can always tell my counselor or any staff member. There is also a Nurse at camp. If I need an ice pack, band-aid, or anything else, there is always a professional medical team at camp to help me. ... Feel sick? If I feel sick, I can let my counselor know. They can take me to the Nurse, remind me to drink water, give me time to rest, and comfort me. ... Miss home? If I miss home, I can talk to my counselor about it. They are so good at listening and caring about my feelings. They help me find ways to feel less lonely, and get back to the fun activities with friends. ... Don't have any friends? If I feel lonely or am having a hard time making friends, my counselor is really good at helping me find friends. If I tell my counselor, they will know that I need help, and look after me to make sure I make amazing friends!

What If I ...




This means to speak up, ask questions, and say what you need. This means telling your counselor or an adult at camp about what you need, what you think, and what you feel!


Talk to your counselor :)



More info for the adults


Tuyet Nguyen- Inclusion Specialist tnguyen@jccdenver.org (303) 316- 6367

Rachel Szurek- Assistant Director rszurek@jccdenver.org (303) 316- 6301

Max O'Hara- Assistant Director mohara@jccdenver.org (303) 316- 6320

Katelyn Skeen- Ranch Camp Director kskeen@jccdenver.org (303) 316-6384

If you have more questions, your adult can call or schedule a meeting with one of our directors!

We would love to hear from you!

We are here to help you have a successful summer at camp :)

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Jewish Life at Ranch Camp pg. 23



Camper Conduct Agreement pg. 12


Mental & Behavioral Health at Camp pg. 11-13


Medical Needs at Camp- pg. 10


Packing Lists- pg. 27-32


Ranch Camp Summer Handbook


Helpful stuff for the adults: