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Cardi Ba "bitch" feminist

Cardi B is a singer and an actress.Her real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar CephusShe was born on the 11th October 1992 in the state of Bronx so she is american.

She studied in the : Renaissance High School

At 19, she became stripper to "escape the poverty and domestic violence"of her lover.


At 16, Cardi B joins a street gang :Bloods

She started her career on vine and instagram. Then she decided to become singer

-cheap Ass Weave-WAP ( Wet Ass Pussy)-Bodak Yellow and more...

Cardi B appeared in some video clips. She appeared in a famous video clip: Girls like you.In this music we can see differents women who did feminists actions about the rights of women.Why Cardi B was chosen to appear in this video clip?

She said: "To be equal is not to be like a man but it's to have the same rights as a man."

She use her position of famous singer to permiss other women to make a living from the hip-hop.

Cardi B is concidered like a "feminist bitch". In her music clip she is considered like vulgar and coarse.

She expresses a feminism where the body can be a tool which serve only itself.

Cardi B wants to detach "the idea of a thin women with big butts and big boobs of the male gaze."
Others think it's a celebrity who reverses the sexist ideas of rap.

However, some think that she can't be feminist because she is a former stripper. She comes from to the reality show too.

My opinion

To conclude: Cardi B is a feminist woman who wants to permits everyone to use their bodies as they want. She is free and she does some actions to permits women to do rap too. That's why that she was chosen to be in "girls like you"Cardi B use a particular feminism, to me it's not a bad things
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