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Ruth Martínez V.


Improve my knowledge related to the design of things.

In the short term :to be able to finish and get certified in what I am studying now, to get an internship, to get a good job, to help me maintain an economic security in the future.

This is my plan and what I will accomplish in this life and if not maybe do it in the next life. ( At the professional level )

To already have an economic stability to look for a place for myself, and focus on getting my things; to be able to know the experiences of people who work in the different sectors of the development and modeling industry, and to have a broad knowledge in 3D printing and the work involved in its realization.

In the medium term:

To have the possibility to improve on my shortcomings through time and new knowledge acquired in studies such as a programming course or in mechatronics and perhaps go in search of a university degree in design that will facilitate future new jobs for me.

Focus on creating a small business related to what my studies focused on; non-stop seeking knowledge about 3D printing and the sectors that benefit from it.

Having already been able to achieve my previous goals, find a way to have my own place, perhaps a small house with a garden

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Long term:

¡ Thank you !