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Padlet Title

Your Padlet Portfolio is a repository/learning portfolio, an organized place where you can arrange, store, and share your best work samples (written, visual, creative, etc) from courses, extracurricular projects, your internship, and a place to keep copies of your ever-evolving job search materials. Your portfolio should include these components:

Career and Professional Portfolio, Part 2

Link Description


Creative Work

Writing Samples


Internship-Focused Job Search




Your Padlet Portfolio should have a clear, simple title [Your name/Career and Professional portfolio] and a good description and explanation: This portfolio contains

  • my developed job search materials, and
  • an archive of my best work

Padlet Title

The contents of my portfolio demonstrate that I am ____ that I can ___ and ____

For our purposes, quality over quantity: 2-3 complementary or contrasting examples of your work are better than 5-6 mediocre samples.No artifact stands on its own without context, so for each thing you include, be sure to write a short description and a brief explanation of what you learned or why you have included it. If you include a video: what was your role in that video? If you include photos, or links to website content: what part did you play in what we're seeing? Did you create it, design it, use it in a composition, develop it in response to an assignment... and what challenges did you face and overcome? What did you learn?

Entry Numbers

Here is a very good example provided by a former student. The prompts were a bit different for his class, so please do follow OUR prompts. However, you can see what a good final product looks like.

Portfolio Example

Coursework from across the curriculum; scholarship, research papers, lit reviews, essays, and reflections; blog posts, press releases, social media content for a client, etc. You might divide types of written work into Academic Writing Samples and Professional Writing Samples.

  • EDIT YOUR ACADEMIC WRITING SAMPLES--most employers won't read more than a paragraph, if that, so choose well, and fill in the context in your brief description of the artifact
  • If you submit short content items, photos, video clips, or links to journalistic articles, you can submit the whole thing

Writing Samples

Short description of each link or artifact and concise explanation of what you accomplished and what you learned.

Link Description

Examples of creative work include:

  • Photography
  • Podcasting
  • Songwriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Copy Writing

Creative Work

  • The text of the actual job posting you've been using to practice
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Your (edited, revised) resume (which should be modified and tailored to each job posting)
  • Your personal, foundational or basic cover letter (ditto: modifiable and tailorable)

Internship-Focused Job Search Section