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Germán, Ángela, Chaves y Jose



Hotel Alda Cardeña

This hotel is more expensive since it has more services and facilities.

The first thing you should do to look for a place to stay. That's why I'm going to give you 2 diferrent accommodation options.

This Hotel is cheaper and modest.

Day 1

Hotel NH Collection

¡¡IMPORTANT!!It has different timetable. Plase, consult before.

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral is a catholic temple devoted to La Virgen Maria, which was built 803 years ago. It's the best-known monument in Burgos and it's the third largest cathedral in Spain. Burgos Cathedral can be visited practically every day of the year, except on bank holidays.

It's a very large restaurant with very good quality which is located near the cathedral. Here you can eat savories, sandwiches and portions of spanish food and typical food from Burgos.

Cervecería Morito

If your visit is on Monday, I recommend you another option.

Good quality and prices. They offer vegetarian options. Closed on Mondays.

I'm sure that after this great visit you'll be hungry. That's why, I'm going to suggest you an incredible restaurant near the cathedral. It's name is El Huerto de Roque.

After lunch, you can go to the Human Evolution Museum, it's the most visited in Castilla y Leon, where you can take a virtual trip along the human evolution and enjoy an exhibition of more than 200 originals fossils.

After that, you can have dinner in a restaurant called Casa Pancho. It's a restaurant specialized in grilled meat and it has good reviews and a reasonable price.

On your way to the museum, you'll pass the Square of Mio Cid, where you can see the famous bronze statue of the Cid Campeador sculpted by Juan Cristobal in 1955.


Then, you will go to a natural area, Sierra de la Demanda. There, you can see its beatiful landscapes and its big and georgeous mountains. You will stay all the morning there.

To start the second day I have planned a route that will last all day. The route begins by leaving the hotel towards a village called Salas de los Infantes, where you have breakfast in the restaurant El Pelayo.

This restauran is cheaper than the other, I give you this option if you don't want to spend a lot of money eating. They are specialize in meet but especially in croquettes.

Casa Romulo

El Molino

It is an expensive restaurant if you want more quality and variety of food.

At noon you will have to go to a village called Quintanar de la Sierra and for having lunch I give you two options of restaurants:

After eating you will go to the natural park called Lagunas Glaciares de Neila. Where there are some beautiful lakes and a lot of hills with a lot of wildlife.

On the way to the hotel, you will need to have dinner so you can stop in a village called Cuevas de San Clemente, that is a lovely Village with in an excellent restaurant called Casa Felipe, specialized in meat and with a good price.


In the morning you can go to Espinosa de los Monteros where you can enjoy the fields, where you can brakfast doing a picnic in their enormous fields, I believe that is a good wat to be relax and rest your mind.

Later you could visit the Church of Santa Cecilia built in 1527. Here you should stay all the morning enjoying this gorgeous church. The church of Santa Cecilia is a small romanesque temple that is located next to a river, just after going through a bridge coming from the centre of town.

Esquina Padilla

La Barbacana

If you are hungry after visiting the church, you can go to a restaurant which is near of it. Eating in a restaurant called Esquina Padilla restaurant is a pleasure that I recomend you to try. This is more expensive, but if you want to eat in a cheaper one, you should go to La Barbacana restaurant.

Other thing that you should visit is the Park Fuentes Blancas where their a artificial beach, here you can watch the lovely landscape.

In the afternoon you should go to Berberana where you can visit the Waterfall of Tobera where apart from the waterfall you can visit the chapel.

Meson el Campesino

Restaurant Camping de Fuentes Blancas

At night for dinner you should go to Camping de Fuentes Blancas restaurant that is cheap, but if you want to go to other restaurant with more quality you should go to Meson el Campesino for a pleasant dinner.



On this last day, you can go to a town called Frias, it is one of the most beautiful towns in Burgos and it is a quite visited town.

This castle was created between the 12th and 16th centuries, is located on the land of La Muela. It costs 2 euros to enter this incredible castle, it is quite cheap for the things you can see there.

In the morning, I have planned a route for you, that route is that you first go to visit the Castle of Frías.

Then, you can go see the hanging houses that are in Frias, these houses are called that because they are located in the mountains and they look like they are hanging and defy the law of gravity.

When you finish seeing those hanging houses, you could go to eat at the restaurant called Ortiz Bar restaurant, this restaurant is a restaurant where the food is quite good but it is more expensive than other restaurants.

Another option is the El Albergue restaurant, this restaurant is a cheaper option, but the food is still good.

In the afternoon, you can go to Tobera, a town that is located next to Frías. In this town you can visit Paseo del Molinar. Paseo del Molinar is a quite beautiful route which passes through a river and several waterfalls.

After dinner, you should go back to the hotel to sleep and prepare your bags to return to your town or home.

The other option is La Roca restaurant, this restaurant is cheaper than the other and the food is good too.

The first option is Entre Pozas restaurant, this restaurant is affordable and has good food.

Then, when you finish seeing this tour you can go to dinner at a restaurant, there are 2 very good restaurant options.


¡Enjoy your trip!

If I were you, I would taste Olla podrida, a delicious and very typical dish from the area.