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the modernist revolution

the modernist revolution, freud's influences in litterature and the interior monologue

rejection of the previous century

after WWI

the modernist revolution

redefinitions of the concepts of space and time

importance of both conscious and unconscious life

reconsideration of the past

short, meaningful images providing an insight into the nature of things

complexity of urban life reflected in artistic forms

uncertain, temporary perceprion of reality

distortion of shapes


freud's iceberg

EGO : conteins the memories, part visible, make decisions SUPEREGO : controls the behaviour of the EGO, conteins the social and morles rules. ID : where the insticts drives are, insticts of life and death, sexual fantasies

freud's theory

Elettra complex

Oedipus complex


They are develloped during the childood. They are SEXUAL FANTASIES

freud influences

D.H. Lawrence

James Joyce

Virginia Woolf

the interior monologue

Technique utilized to describe the language of the brain.Can be divided in:

  • Indirect interior monologue: the narrator doesn't let the flow of thoughts free
  • Direct interior monologue: the narration is totally composed by the flow of thoughts of the character

the action takes place in the characters' mind

formal logical order may be lost

speech can may be immediate and confused

the narratore may be/ may be not present

lack of chronological and logical order

there isn't actions in "real life"


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