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Phishing is a type of social engineering and cybersecurity attack where the attacker impersonates someone else via email or other electronic communication methods, including social networks and Short Message Service (SMS) text messages, to reveal sensitive information.


  1. Cyber attack launched through email and that impersonates the identity of large companies, organizations or senior officials.
  2. social engineering technique used by cybercriminals to fraudulently obtain confidential information from users and thus appropriate the identity of those people.
  3. Types of phishing attacks range from classic email scams to more creative approaches such as spear phishing and smishing. They all have the same goal – to steal your personal data.


Video Phising

Phising Telephone

Currently, there is little protection against phishing, a type of cyber attack in which criminals clone a legitimate application or website to obtain users' private data, and for that reason, Google is taking action on the matter. preparing Android to detect applications.

Although the term phishing is a general term that refers to cyberattacks that are carried out via email, text messages, or phone calls, some people may wonder what targeted phishing attacks are called. The answer is spear phishing.

Physing attack

Detect phishing

  1. Check the sender's name and address.
  2. Pay attention to the courtesy formula.
  3. Observe spelling and grammar.
  4. Pay attention to possible traps in the form of links
  5. Do not fill out any forms by email.
  6. Be careful with attachments.

Risky Phishing

Be victims of money theft from your bank accounts. Fraudulent charges on your credit cards. Lose access to your file folders, photos and more.videos y archivos, o incluso que los ciberdelincuentes se hagan pasar por ti y pongan a los demás en peligro.

  • Protect your computer by using security software.
  • Protect your cell phone by setting software to update automatically.
  • Protect your accounts by using multi-factor authentication.

The goal of Spear phishing is to acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and other personal information. When a link is opened in a phishing email, it can open a malicious site, which could download unwanted information to a user's computer.


My opinion about phishing is that much more attention should be paid to having more security on the mobile and that when people see this they should report it directly and not get involved in anything because there is when they can steal your data and the things that you have inside of the mobile

Personal Opinion

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