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The biography of a special women: the queen of crime

Agatha christie

summary :

I. presentation

II. Her Life

III. her career

  1. Her activities
  2. Her artwork

  1. Her childhood
  2. Her beginning

  1. Agatha Christie
  2. Her family

1.1- Agatha Christie

She borned on the 15 september 1890 at Torquay in the county of Devon

And died on the 12 january 1976 at 85 years old in Wallingford

She did a lot of jobs and things in her life

1.2-her family

She borned in an upper class family, her father was american and her mother british.

She grew up in a siblings of one sister and one brothers

Frederick Alvah Miller

Clarisa Margaret Boehmer

Margaret Frary Miller

Louis Montant Miller

Her family privileged her compared with her bother and sister

2.1-her childhood

Agatha passed the majority of her child hood at torquay

Her parents offered her an education at homewich allowed her to wrote and read

She started to wrote short story, poetry and tales very early

In 1902 she was signing up in a Torquay's school named Miss Guyers Girls School

She went into a lot of school :

  • Miss Guyer's Girls School (Torquay -1902)
  • Mademoiselle Cabernet (Paris -1906)
  • Marronniers (Auteuil -1906)
  • Miss Dryden(Paris-Paris)


It's in her childhood she found inspiration for the character Hercule Poirot

2.2-her beginnig

In england she writed her fist short story named The House of Beauty and after The Call of Wings and The Lonely Petit

Her sister made her discoverd the riddles of Sherlock Holmes and Lupin

In 1912 she married Archibald Christie and in 1917 she gave birth to her daughter Rosalind

3.1-her activities

She experimented a lot of activities :

  • Nurse
  • poet
  • playwright
  • detective novelist
  • archaeologist
  • screenwriter
  • writer

She was active from 1920 to 1976

She did it at the world war one

3.2-her artwork

Agatha Christie wrote 67 novel, the most famous are:

  • And Then There Were None
  • Murder on the Orient Express
  • Death on the Nile

She was one of the most famous writer of the world

A lot of her novel were adapted in drama or movie

Sold at two billions copies