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British culture

'The Monarchy'

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Read the vocabulary an analyze the information that it’s presented. Click on the pictures for more information.


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Match the words with their meaning.

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Specially trained soldiers responsible for protecting the monarch and royal residences.'The royal guard protect the royal family'

Royal guard (guardia real)

The immediate family members of a monarch, including the king or queen, their spouse, and their children.'The royal family is a simbol for british people'

Royal family(Familia real)

A large and impressive residence, typically occupied by a monarch or other high-ranking dignitaries.'The palace of Buckingham is gorgeous'

Palace (palacio)

The female ruler of a country, typically inheriting the position.'The Queen travel all the time'

Queen (Reina)

The male ruler of a country, typically inheriting the position.'England has a new King'

King (Rey)

The seat of a monarch, often symbolizing their position of power.''The throne belongs to the King now'

Throne (trono)

The symbol of royal authority worn by a monarch during official ceremonies.''The crown is a different one for the new king'

Crown (corona)