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My english family

i gonna tour my english family to Barcelona!

how to get to viladecans

when you get out of the airport, you need to get the bus. Its just cost 2,40 euros.then you need to get the L86 bus.

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The shortest route to get to Viladecans is taking the L86 bus

Which is the shortest rute?

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which is the cheapest transport?

The cheapest transport in Viladecans is technically the train. Because it is free but the bus is faster and only costs 2.40 euros. I recomend to take the bus. Is more fatser than the train.

century XIII

- Torre roja

This is the...

Medieval history of Spain is the historiographical name of a period of more than a thousand years, between the 5th and 15th centuries, in the complete territorial framework of the Iberian Peninsula, whose identification with current Spain has been the subject of essentialist debate about what it is. Spain

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El Rincón de Lucia

El Rincón de Lucia is a restaurant where there is Catalan and traditional food with the best prices and quality food! a great choice!

¡Paella española!

Paella, or also paella rice, is a rice-based cooking recipe, originating in the current Valencian Community, today very popular throughout Spain and served in restaurants around the world. the best dish to buy!


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