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Five Midnights by Ann Davila Cardinal is a mystery book that takes place in Puerto Rico. This book features different people in each chapter. During the book, we follow Javier (one of the 5 friends) and Lupe, who travels to Puerto Rico to visit her uncle and aunt. As the book goes on they work together to try and find out what is happening.

Puerto Rico map of the setting

I think Javier would look something like this because he lives in Puerto Rico and is a teenager.

I think Lupe would look something like this because she isn't from Puerto Rico and just goes to visit. She is from Vermont and travels to Puerto Rico to visit family.

Puerto Rico pictures:

There is a myth in puerto Rico of El Cuco which is who Javier thinks is doing all of these killings.El Cuco is described as a mythical creature made out of worms that could take your DNA and transform into you. Though, there are many different ideas of what he would look like or do. Sometimes, parents would tell these myths to their kids to encourage them to behave otherwise "El Cuco would come and get them and come eat them."

El Cuco Myth

El Cuco myth explained