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Let's learn how to give formal commands in Spanish!

Spanish 2

Los Mandatos Formales

1. Use the formal command forms of the verbs to give and follow instructions2. Give and follow household chores instructions

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to...


  • Mandatos in the formal form are used with the subject pronouns "usted" and "ustedes"
  • To form these commands, we used the present tense yo form of the verb, drop the -o, and switch the endings. Let's take a look at this!

Mandatos Formales

  • Mandatos (commands) in the informal form are used with the subject pronoun "tú"
  • To form these commands, we know to use the present tense conjugation of that verb in the él, ella, usted form. Por ejemplo = hablar - habla

Mandatos Informales



CONJUGATE the verb in the present tense "yo" form of the verbDROP the -oFLIP the endings to the opposite verbEJEMPLO:hablo ----> habl ----> hable(n)


These are the opposite endings you “flip” to:AR Verbs:For Usted: Add –eFor Ustedes: Add –enER/IR Verbs:For Usted: Add –aFor Ustedes: Add –an*Formal commands of stem-changing verbs will show the stem-change.

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