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Après des heures de reflexion, de correction et d'imagination, Voici les travaux des 4e2 dans le cadre de la séquence intitulée "Scary stories!"Meme si des erreurs subsistent, le travail a été fourni, et le frisson sera garanti...

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Story by Lucas D.

Story by Jahidine R.

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Story by Martin e.

Story by Nolhan F.

Story by Chloe z.

Story by Raphael v.

Story by Valentine V.

Story by Gabrielle E.

Story by rafael p.

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Story by eleonor d.

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Story by manel b.


Story by theo d.

Story by calvin l.

Story by orlane b.

Story by taig m.

Story by ella .

Story by majd s.

Story by rose d.

Story by lena d.

Story by mylena d.

The strange mansion Her name was Jennie, she lived in a little mansion who was the legacy of her grandma. Her grandma disappeared mysteriously in this mansion, a rumour said ; she had been seen with a hairy thing, but Jennie didn’t trust the rumour and continued to try to find how her grandma disappeared. One day she was walking in her mansion for try to find clues. But the atmosphere was strange and there is no just that, the house was really dark and Jennie was not reassure to be here. She went in a long corridor very dark and very small. Suddenly, she turned pale and stopped... ...At the end of the corridor a hairy things was standing here, he had pointed ears and a big mouth. This thing was like...like...like a werewolf !

Everything began in a coffe. I decided to go and speak to the baker. She told « hah », she heard someone was choose by a horrible ghost. I decided to leave but someone catche me , he was pale and ugly and then he had black hole. I don’t understand ! Help me...

Hello my name is James Howerton, we were in a London and it’s the darkest night i ever had. My brother George Howerton disappeared without leaving any trace. Being a detective, I had to find out who did this unstoppable act. So i went to his house to find more clues. I was terrified at the door, the atmosphere was strange as if someone was wathing me. With a trambling hand I opened the door and a black corridor. I walked slowly, I was shocked because I saw letters that my brother had with a man who treaned to kill him. I was shocked because my brother never lied , on a moment of stupor a door noise recounding, I saw a terrifying figure .......

Once upon a time , a haunted castle had a secret. One day, Alex had got confidence and he went in the house. Alex was tall, he was 23 years old. Alex had a knife and foods. Robert was the best friend of Alex, he had 21 years old. Robert were very small but he had caracter on the contrary to Alex. Alex and Robert going to the house and they was scared and anguished. Just they went the house, they saw a long and ghostly monster. He was headless then a monster had running to Alex and Robert and...

Hello i am a going to present to you what happened to me. I was playing in a street when I saw an alarm on my phone : "murderer alert" .directly i went to my home. at my home i closed the windows. a time past when suddenly i heard a deaf sound so i went down... end now...

My history...... One night, I was going to the restaurant with my friends, we were eating calmely in the restaurant, we had end of eating, we was chating a little bit. We are leaving of restaurant. Then we was going to the home. I walk outside, I did very cold, I did very dark, I look the silvery moonbeam. I enter in my home, he did very and dark. I switch on the light and I was going to sleep. I looked my door and I saw a tall shadow full black, the forms of the guys, the shadow near of me? SUDDENLY, he rose one knife above my head, and...... THE END OF MY HISTORY

The story began with a guy who moved in Toronto. His name was Jones Jones (yes like the fighter). Jones is 24 years old, arrives in Toronto the 24th november 1998 so yesterday. Jones has a cared reputation, there was a story that told people who lived here and has less than 60 years old dead in 3 month maximum, but he didn’t care of these story, he’s didn’t scared. But A thing on the appartment of Jones that’s weird, the appartement it was empty but a doll with a bluedress is in the room. Jones taked her and put her in the bin and out of the window the bin bag...

My history is terifiante (terrifying). One day, one boy is pushed, black hair and tall. At eleven at night, there parents is not at home . We is almost ghostly."what you name"" euh my name is Jeremy why?" "because, i'm going to take one cutter" "no it is murder!"" yes i on the murder ait is one prank no one patrolle of the police going"And suddenly one noise...

ME AND THE DEVIL One night, Robert Johnson was in a crossroad. He was very tired... very very tired, but he don’t sleep, he walked.Robert was singing , but suddenly he saw a black figure in front of him. The shadow was walking , and he said:" GIVE ME YOUR GUITARE ... " Robert was scared , he gave his guitare to the man. The man took the guitare ...He looked the strings...and he said " NOT LIKE THIS ROBERT...NOT LIKE THIS..."

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THE SCARY MUSIC Anah woke up in her psychatric hospital room. She tried to sleep but she can’t. All the ligths was off and at the window she see the silvery moonbeam. There was no sound in the hospital, suddenly she heared someone singing in the corridor. She was curious and she decided to go watch who is it. She went out of her room, the corridor was dark there was just a little red ligth and a sound of alarm. The corridor was really long and at the back Anah saw a tall black figure. The red light was shining on her. When the figure saw Anah, she froze, and the figure was singing a really creepy song.

It was in a village,a mysterious house was in the middle of the village, this house was very scary and ghostly. One night when the moon was shining, Aston, an adventurer, decide to stake in this mysterious house. When he opened the door he was thinking that there was a ghost but it was just his shadow. When he entered in the house he got an bad fealing he tried to go back outside but when he tried to go out, the door closed hitself. He tried to break the door , he failed , he tried to break the window but he failed. He was blocked in the house. This house looked very old and big, he was seeing object mooving and dancing, he tried to run into an when he was thinking he was in security. He smelled something touching his shoulder , and when he turned..

He was an history he heard, dream not. Lucas step and heard a sound, stopped, he look on knife and hide under one table. Esteban to start a climb and high, and look in all the women in all the worlke hunt, to rind person and to carry, and there end the fault on him ...

Caroline Davenport, here my name and is my story. I was in bedroom, i slept. At one moment I heard a noise, footstep on floor, then I saw two shadow and had two tall headless figure. I heard a blade and a like gun and suddenly a deaf noise to coming as fare as my ear. I hat scary. And then one man to moving forward in my bedroom. They were cover in blood. I don’t saw a man. He was like ghostly with gleam milky-white but living black. And sudden in shower and storm to ringing out and two headless man missing leaving, back pool blood then also box ?

The strange girl Dania have pale ale , because we’ve just told him That a gnome wants kill her because she had hit is sister.She went to hide in the toilet ,but the gnome arrived faster than expected .He went into the girls' toilets and opened all the doors

A scary movie This is the story of a man, looking for a house to rent his holiday. By chance he found a cheap house, he jumped on the opportunity. Arriving at the house, a lady waits for him she said : « Mr.Patrick, without lying to you, the former owner died here. He name was Mr.Songe Bob. »He was afraid but he thinks" its the first I found a cheap house so I will stay".Big mistake. Througouth the evening he saw that chairs where moving from scap plates. But the worse was after midnight because the door moved and the handle move many time. He had a hard time sleeping. The next days he woke up and he saw his name written in red on the wall....

Everyone knew not to go near the old house at the end of the street. She was crooked, bent, en very dark, and some said she was antlered by demons. But on day Rose bought the house. She entered from inside, the house was even dark and more frighitining. Rose was visiting the house she ended up in the bedroom, and she saw a headless doll on a chair. The doll a long purple dress and blak hair when suddenly, Rose heard <<I SEE YOU ANYWAY>> Rose run as fast as she could when suddenly in the distance she saw the headless dool walking...

Teddy Bear Sacha was reading the book, and decided to tidy her bedroom. She found her cuddly toy, but Sacha looked in the box. But one of her cuddly toy was sad because she was alone. The night there was a triggering atmosphere , suddenly Sacha learnt a sound and saw a figure very tall and black , in the corner in the bedroom who move and souddenly she saw a smile funny in front of the door. Being the cuddly toy with a scissors who being ...

It began in a house , for away feom everything. The sun was shining. Mrs and ms forger moved out thein finst hous . They had finoncial problem. They arrived in a coutry house away form moise , and withaut neighbons. When they saw the house they were scaned...