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Bottom-Up planning

Top-Down planning







The process of pulling together from different teams across a business inputs and the building blocks of growth to create company targets for the coming financial year. It is normally the first step in the planning process, with the outputs feeding directly into the Top-Down Planning process

Customer Business Planning: The Kantar XTEL module used to manage Top-Down and Bottom-Up planning processes.

The process of creating a plan, normally for an entire business unit and normally taking place prior to the Bottom Up process, as the first step in annual planning process. Taking inputs from across an organisation (i.e., Marketing, Category Management, Finance, RGM, etc.) the owner of the process, which varies by business, will create an overarching growth plan. This will incorporate elements such as market / category growth, business / customer performance, NPD, etc. to arrive at a ‘number’, which is then allocated down across the customer and product hierarchies to become the targets for the account teams to achieve during the coming year.

A method of planning, defining objectives and ways to achieve them through the collation of planning and promotional plan forecasts created by the Sales team to meet business and customer targets, and KPIs.Bottom-up planning is frequently the second step in the planning process after the TOP-DOWN process.

Can be Shipment/Sell-in or Consumption/Sell-out. Baseline refers to the amount of product that will be sold even when it is not on promotion. For some categories baseline can be relatively flat because the demand is constant through the year (e.g., milk, washing liquids, etc.) while other categories experience a high degree of seasonality where demand will fluctuate over a twelve-month period (e.g., sun-tan lotions, BBQ goods, Christmas chocolates, etc.)

Business planning level: The level in the Customer / Product hierarchies that customer planning is conducted.

Is the period of time for a Promo Event, where goods are delivered by Manufacturer, to the warehouses of the Customer during which promotional discounts are applied ‘On-Invoice’ or ‘Accruals’ are calculated.In the north american market it is called "Shipment".

Is the period of time for a Promo Event where Promo Event is executed and goods are sold to shoppers in-store / on-line.In the north american market it is called "consumption".