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  • Launched in 2002.
  • Aim : train secondary school students in mountain-related professions + general or vocational baccalaureate.
  • What we do : practising all mountaineering-related activities (hiking, downhill skiing, off-piste skiing, ski touring, via ferrata, ice school, ice climbing, winter mountaineering, cross-country skiing...)
  • Openings : technical entrance test for State diplomas (BE AMM, Guide Haute Montagne, BE Ski Alpin, BE Ski de Fond) and the Brevet National de Pisteur-Secouriste.
  • Dipoma : preparation for the Common Core diploma required to obtain a State Certificate.
  • Extra: develop a mountain culture + mountain risk prevention and management


"Training young people to take part in mountain activities is my passion, a state of mind and a lifelong commitment"

- Denis Poussin


Section 2 :How to get in

SECTION 1 :what is the biqualification/ why is it super to be in there

What we do and train for

Different sections

A regular winter day •

Adapted schedule •

Section 3 : what to except once you are in


Purpose of this program

Events your are involved in

Life at boarding school

Quizz : • Are you ready for it ?

Test and interview


what is the biqualification/ why is it super to be in there


  • Attending events
  • Being with your friends at the boarding school
  • Spending a lot of time with your mates due to our busy schedule
  • Doing funny stuff

+ info

+ info

  • Best school in Haute-Savoie
  • Many different options
  • Specialities
  • Slalom / Giant slalom / Snowboard / Technique
  • Test technique
  • For some : Eurotest
  • FGC

Purpose of this program

Why you should try yo come in

Having fun


Getting your "bac"


Starting the "monitorat"


Alpin Skiing


Ski patrol

Nordic skiing

Sections in the biqualif :

Events you are involved in

We have the chance to prepare the world cup slope and assist to this competition !


Illustrate what you want to tell

UNSS competitions

Welcoming and encouraging the next biqualification generation is also part of this section ! For the ski test we prepare the slope, and during the trail we mentally support them

Entery tests

You have to come with a custume.... And have fun by doing a bank slalom, or snowboard, or even skicross !

Last biqualification day

Our lovely trainers



How to get in ?


  • Being fit
    • doing different sports than skiing
    • Physical preparation
      • Stamina
      • Strenght
  • Alpine ski
    • Competition results
    • Technique
  • Educational
    • Goog grades
    • Good attitude in class
  • Rigour and motivation


The aim is to rank the candidates in each option. Each test result may lead to the selection process being halted. At each stage, some applications are not retained.

Ski tests

Physical tests



Pre-inscriptions and incription

Tests and interview

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Interview simulation


What to exept once you are in ?


What we do and train for

Consisting of a succession of bends imposed by gates marked with alternating coloured stakes.Useful for your "test technique"


Consites of racing between sets of poles ("gates") spaced at a greater distance from each other than in slalom. Useful for your "Eurotest"

Giant slalom

Learning snowboardingDoing some bank slalomPrepare the snowboard test


Involves doing "godille", craving, different types/levels of curves. Starting to learn pedagogyGetting ready for your "Cycle preparatoire"


Adapted schedule

Ski sessions

Shcool sessions


Intensive rythme




A regular winer day : Tuesday


Starting to ski


Back to school for lunch




  • Time to do the homework
  • Good atmosphere
  • Watching movies and play gamewith your mates
  • Waterslide in the corridor
  • Decoration of the entire floor with posters.
  • Food is not always nice
  • You have to be back at school at 6 pm

+ info

Life at boarding school

The place to be


Making good memories


Negative points...



Just to finish this presentation :)


Grab your skis, and get ready to come in this section and have fun with us !

Where/ When : morning in the resortWhat : 2 or 3 rounds of Giant Slalom Who : Most candidates are members of an FFS club. If you are not a club member, ESF Golden Arrow level is recommended. Criteria: Stopwatch.How to be prepared : there is no secret... you have to train (ski club, ESF...)

Motivational interview with a panel comprising a teacher and a mountain professional.


1 stamina test: (indoors): "test navette" in a gymnasium across the width of the handball court, in sets of around 15 pupils. 1 pentabond test: standing start, on a strip of matting, alternating supports and final landing with feet together. (No hopping like a triple jump). 1 speed test: standing start, short sprint with 2 changes of direction (12m-10m-12m).

Ceci est un paragraphe prêt à contenir créativité, expériences et histoires géniales.

Ceci est un paragraphe prêt à contenir créativité, expériences et histoires géniales.

Ceci est un paragraphe prêt à contenir créativité, expériences et histoires géniales.

Lenght/duration: around 12 km, with 1100m D+.You have to finish it between 1h30 and 2h30. What to carry : a 5-kilo rucksack containing compulsory equipment (Survival blanket, 1-metre elastic bandage, bandages, scissors, whistle, telephone, rain gear, sweatshirt) + drinks. Poles are recommended.

The lycée has a boarding school open from Sunday evening 8.00 pm (without meal) to Friday 6.00 pm (annual cost of 1/2 board €1573 in 2020-21).Candidates from outside the 74 department are required to have a host family (in case of accident, hospital discharge, illness at the boarding school, etc.). We do not have the staff to provide addresses of host families or to help you in your search.

The boarding school

complementary informations
Exemple of our ski program: