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The Białowieża Forest



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At least 37 people have been found dead on the Poland-Belarus Border as of August 2023. Dozens more are missing.

There are no lakes in the Białowieża Forest, only small rivers, which are sparse. The water supply for migrants is dangerously low, and they run the risk of dehydration.


Food insecurity is another major problem that they face. Food comes in when new migrants arrive, but the amount of food they are given is likely not enough for more than one person.


The Białowieża Forest has no shelter on its own, and one must be built using the items around. The migrants have faced countless adversities just to get to the forest. They have no real shelter to rest and protect themselves.


This forest has become the resting place for those seeking safety. The lives of people who were told they could call Europe home.

The Białowieża Forest forest lasts for 1,191.4 Square miles and stretches from the Grodno and Brest regions of Belarus to the Podlaskie Voivodeship in PolandBelarusian officials do not allow migrants who traveled to the border to return to Minsk, and Poland is refusing entry to all migrants regardless of circumstances.Migrants in the forest are on both sides of the border, in two countries that do not want them there.

1,191.4 Square Miles

(Mauricio Lima/New York Times)

Video Published August 14, 2023 / Al-Jazeera English