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smart London

Zero-Impact cars

Instead of being powered by electricity stored in a battery, hydrogenh fuel cell electric vehicles produce their electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell stack.Retuelling their hydrogen tanks from a pump takes less than five minutes, and once on the road, you'll enjoy smooth zero tailpipe emission journeys.

Street's Pollution

Urban air pollution is one of the greatest risks to health worldwide, causing nine million premature deaths every year. To tackle this threat, many cities, like London, are using air quality monitoring stations to address the harmful impact of pollution.

Smart Public-Transport

Forward West Coast offers 250 daily connections which, with 76 trains, transport 39 million passengers annually. The partnership expands the service by introducing 10 new electric trains and 13 hybrid trains, with greater capacity and lower CO2 emissions (-61%). More trivially but equally sustainable, there are two often overlooked options: cycling and walking..

Green Home

Green homes already exist thanks to architect Daniela Ducato! She produces innovative products using only surplus and waste from plants, animals, and minerals. Eco-friendly houses represent an ecological and low-impact solution in the construction sector. These houses utilize renewable natural resources to minimize the impact on the environment.