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Rescue Missions

You are the pilot of a U.S. Navy SH-3 Sea King helicopter on a daring rescue mission of an Apollo Capsule. Let's begin!

Sea King


Mission 01

Mission 02

Mission 03

"We need your help to complete all 3 missions and rescue the Apollo capsule"

As you approach the capsule, you notice high winds and rough seas. What do you do?

A. Attempt the rescue despite the conditions


Mission 1 out of 3

B. Call for backup and wait for conditions to improve

You attempt to rescue despite the conditions. Strong winds throw you off balance, and you struggle to maintain control.

"Plan a safe approach for the rescue operation."

You decide to prioritize safety and call for backup. You receive news from the capsule crew they are stable but eager to be rescued.

"Plan a safe approach for the rescue operation."

Decrypt a scrambled weather report. Use this information to plan a safe approach for the rescue operation.

Decode the Storm

Let's go

Solve the question

Encrypted Weather REport

Drag the letters into the space below to spell out the wind direction

Clue: It's not South but _____

Deciphered the message?

What is the WindDirection?

Enter it here


"Great work! The helicopter moves safely with the wind and approaches the capsule.


Mission Control requests you provide a signal specific to the helicipter for this mission due to enemy targets discovered nearby.

"Confirm call sign"

You receive this cryptic message: "In the kingdom of symbols, five of these stand together, yet not a word about their companion in armor. Together, they hold the key letter, hidden in plain sight"

Confirm Call Sign

Solve this question

You will need to walk around the SH-3 Sea King Helicopter to find the clue


"Rock on! You've succesfully confirmed your identity. Mission Control asks you to proceed."


The flotation collar is attached and you're ready to lift the capsule. However, the added weight is causing instability. What do you do?

A. Continue with the lift at a slower pace


B. Drop the auxiliary fuel tank for better stability

Mission 2 out of 3

You decide to proceed with the lift at a slower pace. The helicopter struggles to gain altitude, and the ride is bumpy. You need to drop equipment that's not critical.

"Drop equipment that's not critical. "

You decide to drop the auxiliary fuel tank. The helicopter immediately feels more responsive but it's not enough. You need to drop more equipment that's not critical.

Drop equipment that's not critical

Drop This

Drop Items

Keep This

Drop Equipment

Drag equipment into the right bucket

"That was a tough call but you were able to lift the capsule successfully."



You are on way to the USS Midway. To land, Mission Control asks a final set of verification questions so you can safely bring the astronauts back.

Answer questions

Mission 3 out of 3

First Question:

Name the Apollo mission first used to recover astronauts after splashdown

Apollo 11

Apollo 14

Apollo 8


Please try again

Try Again

2nd question:

Gemini One

Apollo One

Marine One

What is the call sign when the Sea King serves the role of transporting the president?



Please try again

Try Again

Last question:


The Sea King helicopter can carry up to 20 passengers

The Sea King Helicopter is amphibious

The Sea King holds the record for the fastest helicopter ever built

Select the true statement below


Please try again

Try Again

"Incredible work! Verification passed. You have landed safely on the Midway and rescued the Apollo crew!"



Mission accomplished!

Unlock Prize

Rescue Pilot


Name Surname


Loren impusm dolor


"Use code HRO to unlock your virtual prize, called Hero's Honor"