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Bob Marley

The jamaican's most famous singer



Who was Bob Marley?

Bob was born on Februart 6th 1945 in Saint Ann, Jamaica. He was the biggest reggae singer and used his songs to encourage peace and brotherhood. Bob was a huge follower of the rastafari religion, wich actually was one ofthe causes why he died in May 11th 1981. Bob married Rita Anderson and had 12 children.

She is Bob's wife.She's a cuban singer


Sharon Marley

The oldest daughter.She is a singer and dancer

Cedella Marley

She is a singer, dancer, actress and a fashion designer

Ziggy Marley

The oldest son.He is a singer and a music composer

Marley's Contribution

Marley contributed decisively to the evolution of reggae as an independent musical stily: the relaxed but propulsive rhythm was ideally suited to spreading the message of peace and love for the economically disadvantaged and those suffering from racial and political violence.​

Bob's Religion: Rastafari

The Rastafari religion - became the reason for his premature death. Bob Marley had a skin cancer that first appeared on the foot. Amputation would be the cure of his disease. However, his religion does not allow any part of the body to be removed and cancer has spread quickly all over his body. On May 11, 1981, he passed away

Bob Marley Peace Concert

4/22/1978 - This day in 1978 The One Love Peace concert is held in Kingston Jamaica . During a time of much political conflict this concert was to help bring the people together as we were told .

‘My life is only important if me can help plenty people.’

- Bob Marley

Bob Marley: One Love

There's also a movie about Bob's Marley journey. It was released recently and it was produced by Tuff Gong Productions.



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