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What is Genially?

  • Is a single platform to create all kinds of interactive content. You can create:
    • Presentations
    • Infographics
    • Gamification
    • Interactive image
    • Video presentation
    • Guide
    • Training materials
    • Blank creation

How is it use?

It has thounsands of templates with all kind of themes that allows you to start with the job already halfway done.

Is easy to choose one of the templates and completely customize it.

Personally, we definitively will use this platform in the future because it is a very complete.


  • Offers a variety of templates
  • Many effects to animate the elements
  • You can insert images, videos, links, etc.
  • No installation on the computer required

¡A free version is available!


  • Cannot download interactive content
  • Internet access is required for editing
  • Viewing the material on the cell phone may present problems

+ Info

  • With your permission, your Genially can be reused around the world.
  • You can import files from PowerPoint and customize it.
  • You can even add graphs and charts or your own resources.
  • You can invite others to collaborate on your creation. This makes the editing process even easier and more creative.



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Visual content is a transversal and universal language, just like music. We are capable of understanding images from millions of years ago, even from other cultures. We don't like to bore. We don't want to be repetitive. We do it differently. We sabotage boredom. We create what the brain enjoys consuming because it stimulates it.