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Ta-Nehisi Coates is an American journalist and bestselling author. Coates gained readers during his time as a writer for The Atlantic where he wrote about issues surrounding African Americans and white supremacy. His book Between the World and Me earned a National Book Award in 2015.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

"The Case for Reparations"






Coates was commissioned to write "The Case for Reparations" because of his journalism reputation.

Published previous articles and essays on issues surrounding race and identity

The article was written in 2014, a time when discussions about racial inequality were growing

Coates was a contributing editor for The Atlantic since 2008

The editorial team saw how Coates' essay would generate significant and meaningful conversation around racial justice

An enslaved person with a photographic memory helps the Underground Railroad

Coates writes a letter to his son that addresses questions of Black bodies in American history and society today

A collection of essays that explore the presidency of Barack Obama and election of Donald Trump

A father-son story that recounts the relationship and experiences between Coates and his father as Black men in America

"Fear of a Black President"

"Obama and the Myth of a Black Messiah"

"The Case for Reparations"

Won a National Magazine Award in 2013

Focuses on the election of Obama and his impact on the struggles within Black communities

How a history of slavery, redlining, and housing discrimination impacted and continues to affect African American communities