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March 9-15, 2024

isa executive committee meeting


We came together from across the globe for a very productive week of planning.

Speical thanks to Jay whose generosity is what made our meetings possible and pleasant!

First let's give a round of applause to the amazing students who meticulously planned every aspect of our visit.

our meetings

Mabrouk is using a Rubik's Cube to figure it all out!


Our President is set to expand ISA's horizons no matter how many taskforces it takes!

5. External donors

4. EDI

3. Sub-Saharan Africa

2. Digital forum

1. Complaints

Taskforces launched

We got to the bottom of things!

No matter how many sake glasses it took!

From our Excursions

City Vibes: Old & New Buildings

City Vibes: The Aesthetics of Brutalist Architecture

Workers in the City

@ the prison

@ the airport

@ the restaurant

@ the airport

@ the toilets

When a city awakens your inner child!


In the presence of god(s)

In the presence of god(s)

What freedom might look like

Presidents: past & Present


War anxieties

Here's a quiz to see who was paying attention: who lives in these two buildings?

And More...

@ the National PaLAce Museum

Appreciating art

OMG! Perhaps my tiny ISA office is not that bad after all!
Office of a political journalist (Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Not sure what any of this means.. .Using this for the image!

I hope it ultimately became clear for everyone what I meant by "speed dating a senior scholar": Junior sociologists get 5-10min with senior scholars who have volunteered to look at their CVs, cover letters, etc.

"Speed dating"!

When Dan was not busy looking up, he would tell us about all the "dangerous games" he has played!

Happy elevator moments, despite the warnings!

There is more but "Napanin" (my nickname as some of you already know) needs to rest!Looking forward to the next round!