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Me, myself and... my life

Summative assessment test: use of language.


Lesson No. 51

Wednesday, 15th April 2024Content: Personal IdentityStudent objectives: students will...

  • demonstrate an understanding of what they read,
  • demonstrate an understanding on putting adjectives in order.

  • Yours truly = verdadeiramente eu, sinceramente /atenciosamente
  • feet = pés foot (singular) / feet (plural)
  • both = ambos
  • fair = claro
  • temperament = temperamento
  • though = embora
  • hot temper = temperamento quente
  • arguments = discussões
  • sensitive = sensível
  • friendship = amizade
  • boarding school = internato
  • dolls = bonecas
  • flute = flauta
  • trumpet = trompete
  • outside = fora / na rua
"All about me. By me, myself, yours truly" - vocabulary
  1. Ruth is twelve years old.
  2. She doesn't have any brothers or sisters.
  3. She doesn't like fighting or arguments.
  4. She doesn't want to go to a boarding school because her home is very important to her.
  5. She likes making clothes for her dolls, acting, and music.
  6. She plays the flute and the trumpet.

Worksheet No. 17

  • not violent
  • sensitive
  • friendly
  • creative
Ruth's psychological description
  • tall
  • big feet
  • fair hair
  • blue eyes
Ruth's physical description

Lesson No. 49

Monday, 8th April 2024Content: Verb tensesStudent objectives: students will...

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the use of language.

Correcting and handing out the summative assessment test.


Lesson No. 47

Monday, 25th March 2024Content: Verb tensesStudent objectives: students will...

  • understand the difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous;
  • Use the verb tenses correctly.

Question words - concluding the correction of the exercises done in the previous lesson.Summative assessment test.


Lesson No. 46

Wednesday, 20th March 2024Content: Question words, verb tensesStudent objectives: students will...

  • correct the exercises.