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Breaking Barbara Welter's Cult of True Womanhood


Establish shared Values


Bridge Values


Understand The Connection


Understand Your Audience

Andrew Tate fans, often referred to as "Taters," typically comprise a diverse demographic ranging from young adults to middle-aged individuals. They are often ambitious, driven, and drawn to Tate's messages of personal empowerment, success, and resilience. While demographics vary, many fans are male, between the ages of 18 to 35, with interests in entrepreneurship, fitness, and self-improvement. They admire Tate's assertiveness, confidence, and unapologetic approach to life, resonating with his message of breaking away from societal norms to achieve personal greatness.

Motivated Mark

"I value personal growth, resilience, and success. I also place high importance on my ambitions and aspirations."

Ambitious and Craving Empowerment

Connection to Breaking True Womanhood:

  • Personal Empowerment
  • Resilience
  • Individuality
  • Success
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Challenging Conventional Thinking

Breaking true womanhood can resonate ith Andrew Tate's fan base through its connection with their key values. It empowers women to define their own identities and pursue aspirations they define for themselves. Challenging traditional gender roles demands resilience, which is another connection to taters. Celebrating individuality fosters self-expression, simular to Tate's fans desire for individual authenticity. Freedom of choice is also simular to Tate's supporters quest for autonomy. Breaking true womanhood challenges conventional thinking, which is yet again another simularity to Andrew Tate fans.

These Connections Foster Understanding and Acceptance...

A Guide on How to Teach Andrew Tate Fanatics

Samantha Sutter


Explain How True Womanhood is Problematic


Explain Importance

Explain how breaking away from true womanood presents the great opportunity for even greater personal freedom, fufillment and empowerment for all.

Piety, Purity, Submissivness and Domesticity: Unveil the Trap

  • Emphasizing piety places most of the pressure on the woman to adhere to religious or moral standards.
  • The problematic concept of purity is often tied to a woman's sexual behavior and perceived "virtue."
  • Submissiveness is problematic because it dictates that women should submit to male authority and prioritize the needs and desires of others over their own selves.
  • Domesticity confines women to traditional roles as caregivers and homemakers, placing value on their ability to maintain household duties above anything else which is very limiting.

  • True womanhood can limit a woman's opportunities for personal as well as professional growth by confining them to traditional expectations and gender roles. Breaking free from these constraints opens doors to new opportunities.
  • It also reinforces harmful gender stereotypes that perpetuate inequality and discrimination against women. By going against these stereotypes, women can challenge outdated beliefs and contribute to a more inclusive society.
  • Breaking true womanhood also promotes equality by advocating for equal rights and opportunities for all individuals regardless of gender.
  • Breaking free from true womanhood also fosters empowering relationships. Empowering relationships are formed on mutual respect, equality and shared-decision making.
  • It also encourages personal growth and self discovery by challenging individuals to question societal norms and expectations. Breaking free from true womanhood invites women to explore their own interests and passions.

Samantha Sutter

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Samantha Sutter