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My Erasmus Experience


Strenghtens and Weakness

Daily Routine


The Experience


The experience


Erasmus is a European Union project that allows students to start a period of study or work in other EU member countries. This period abroad is support by the European Union with a scholarship.

What is it about?

I had the opportunity to leave for a month, from February 1st to March 1st 2024, for Spain, in Jerez de la Frontera.

Jerez is known for its wines, horses and flamenco.

The old part of the city surrounds the Alcázar de Jerez, a Moorish fortress founded in the 11th century.

Jerez de la Frontera is a city of 185 thousand people in the southern of Andalucia.

Where and How long?

I was with 26 other kids, who attend different courses in my school. We lived inside a house all together and we had a lot of fun, also we learned a lot from each other.

Were you alone?

The agency offered me the opportunity to work during my Erasmus experience in a hospital laboratory, at the Hospital Puerta del Sur in Jerez.

What did you go to do??



scan the sheets of the different analyses for each patient and organize the blood analyzed in the previous days

put into operation some machines for blood and plasma analysis

analyze feces and urine

carry blood samples to the laboratory and analyze them

What did you do inside the hospital?



Finish work

Start work

Take the bus

Leave the house

14:00 p.m

08:00 a.m.

07:30 a.m.

07:00 a.m.

06:00 a.m.

Wake up

My Daily Routine

Go to bed

Free time


Free time

00:00 a.m

22:00 p.m.

21:00 p.m.

16/20:00 p.m.

15:00 p.m.


My Daily Routine

strenghtens and Weakness



Things didn't always go in my way, and not everything was as I expected. But I developed a spirit of adaptation so that I enjoyed the experience to the fulles

spirit of adaptation

Having this experience also means taking your responsibility, everything you do depends on yourself


at first it wasn't easy, I missed home and friends in the first days, but then I met new people and created new ties

don't give up

during the Erasmus I was independent, from waking up to work to managing my money, nobody did things for me


In my opinion...


I grow a lot during this experience, it made me mature and I learned to relate to new people

personal growth

I got to know a new culture different from mine, and the challenge was to adapt to new habits with foods, times and customs different from my usual ones

new culture

I visited new places where maybe I will never return

new places

thanks to this experience I improved a language other than English

improve language

In my opinion...



This experience was fundamental for my personal growth, thanks to it I understood many things about what I want from my future. It helped me to mature because I basically lived alone for a month. I knew a new culture and a new language and saw what work means. But above all I am grateful to have participated in this project because without it I wouldn't have met such wonderful people.

Thank you

IIS Cassata-Gattapone 4b2

Agnese Tomarelli

Thank you!

Some activity

me while I am doing a microbiological culture of a urine sample

some microbiological culture media

these were the three plasma analysis machines

This machine is used to research the amount ​​of components in the urine

Tipical Spanish dishes

  • Erasmus will help you learn or improve your English (and/or another language)
  • Erasmus will make your job search easier after graduation
  • Erasmus will teach you how to manage on your own in any situation
  • Erasmus will allow you to improve your ability to study and work
  • Erasmus will make you grow a lot as a person

why make this experience

this machine searches for the amount of components of our blood

blood tubes to be organized for later analysis

two tubes of centrifuged blood

us while we go to take blood samples