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We will add more features when we start the school year. For now, this is where you can access your Invoices & VCPay information.Click the green button to learn more!

Welcome to theParent Portal!

This shows how much is owed in your current statement. Your payment is already scheduled, but you can click the green button to manually make a payment before the due date.

Remaining Balance shows how much is owed for the whole school year (not in this individual statement).

View Active Statement gives you a printable version of that month's statement with individual line items.

Manage AutoPay shows all accounts already provided for AutoPay and allows you to add new account or credit card information. *Changes to AutoPay must be made at least 2 days in advance of due date.*

Statements shows all the scheduled tuition payments for the whole school year. Any non-tuition payments (lunch bunch, mini-camp, etc.) will be added to these statements.

To make a payment outside of AutoPay, you have to Unlock AutoPay Billing Accounts.

Pay Now lets you choose a payment option.